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point of contact between two objects or parts

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a masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge

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10 Amaral BA, Barreto AO, Gomes et al A Clinical follow up of the periodontal conditions of RPD abutments and non-abutments teeth .
Now DENTSPLY Implants moves forward to strengthen the intraoral scanning service for ATLANTIS abutments by collaborating with 3Shape, a company specializing in the development and marketing of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions.
US-based medical device company Dentsply Implants has expanded its connectivity offerings by introducing intraoral scanning for Atlantis abutments with 3Shape TRIOS, the company said.
Impression-taking from the abutment phase to the final restorative phase,
This textbook describes dental implant abutments in 10 chapters on their materials, retaining screws, different implant-abutment connections, prefabricated implant abutments, the use of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided milling) technology in custom abutment manufacturing, the relationship between abutment geometry and peri-implant tissue in esthetic zone cases, instrumentation for abutment modification, preparation techniques for one-piece titanium and zirconia implants, and cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization techniques.
Hence it is imperative that teeth that may serve as abutments and be subjected to increased occlusal loads, such as in patients with extreme vertical overlap and bruxism, be evaluated with other parameters as well as the measurement of CRR.
Long-term studies support the use of titanium implants with titanium abutments to restore edentulous areas and reinforce prostheses for partially or fully edentulous people.
Also, if the dentist is making bridge abutments, the bridge abutments may not be fully aligned with one another, so that a hard plastic bridge made for the abutments may lock onto the abutments.
Geostudio analysis as well as field data has indicated that previous grout work at left and right abutments has failed to produce the required results and seepage which is being measured at the downstream toe of the dam is through the abutments instead of through the body or foundations of the dam and recommends that by extending the grout curtain up to a depth of 140' in case of left abutment and to a depth of 160' in case of right abutment, the quantities of seepage can significantly be reduced.
Hu-Friedy announce Implacare II scalers with thinner working ends and new designs to effectively adapt to and scale implant abutments.
Before that construction can begin, workers will install temporary earth support walls at the current abutments.
Dental implants and abutments are usually fabricated out of commercially pure titanium, primarily because of its well-documented biocompatibility and mechanical properties.
abutments of main dam and spillway area by dissolution of limestone.
Astra Tech AB, an implant dentistry and CAD/CAM abutments company, has entered into a global strategic alliance with 3Shape A/S, the Danish-based provider of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions.
The 100ft arch structure has a main span of 80ft, achieved through the 'nesting' of five 5 inch diameter pipes that diverge from the spring point of the main span and the abutments.