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Synonyms for accountability


Synonyms for accountability

responsibility to someone or for some activity

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Sheriff Beckett added: "It is an abuse of trust and you did it for selfish, personal reasons.
The panel felt that the facts found demonstrated an abuse of trust on the registrant's part.
A Merseyside police spokesman said last night: "A 37-year-old woman from the Hightown area, who was arrested on April 21, 2010, on suspicion of abuse of trust has been bailed pending further inquiries.
District Judge Gary Allen Feess, calling actions by Dowie and Stodder an abuse of trust, recommended incarcerating them in a low-security federal prison camp in Southern California.
Poole, of May Lane, Hollywood, North Worcestershire, denies three charges of sexual activity with a child and one of abuse of trust.
There are sexual predators in every walk of life, but where it comes with an abuse of trust, it is so much more damaging.
The issue is not presidential perjury but abuse of trust.
What we're going to prove now is that the same outrageous abuse of trust was committed against many thousands of other unfortunate investors who thought they were making conservative investments.
A health board spokesman warned: "The NHS has no tolerance for abuse of trust.
IPCC Commissioner for Wales Tom Davies said: "This was an appalling abuse of trust by a police officer dealing with three vulnerable women who expected the police to protect them.