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Synonyms for accountability


Synonyms for accountability

responsibility to someone or for some activity

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Ms Poole, of May Lane, Holly-wood, Birmingham, denies three charges of sexual activity with a child and one of abuse of trust with a child.
The issue is not presidential perjury but abuse of trust.
What we're going to prove now is that the same outrageous abuse of trust was committed against many thousands of other unfortunate investors who thought they were making conservative investments.
He added: "Put simply, these offences reflect an abhorrent abuse of trust.
Martin, who had been looking after Mr Platten since 2006, had access to his bank account to buy him day-to-day items but, in a gross abuse of trust, he started siphoning money off.
The panel felt that the facts found demonstrated an abuse of trust on the registrant's part.
A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: Merseyside Police can confirm that a 37-year-old woman from the Hightown area has been arrested on suspicion of abuse of trust.
This abuse of trust, rather than the activity on Facebook, led to the ending of the work contract," it said.
Staffordshire's LCJB chairman David Swift said: "Violence in the family, or in the home, is an intensely personal abuse of trust that leaves victims damaged and afraid.
Richard Atkins, defending, said: 'There was no suggestion of him distributing any and it was not an abuse of trust.