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Washington, December 14 ( ANI ): Women who are married suffer less partner abuse, substance abuse or post-partum depression around the time of pregnancy than women who are cohabitating or do not have a partner, a new study has found.
The terms substance abuse, substance use, substance misuse, dependence, or addiction are often mistakenly used interchangeably.
Nurses from the US address epidemiology, biostatistics, and research (topics integrated throughout and presented in separate chapters); practice in community settings, including cultural diversity and community and family assessment; challenges such as infectious and communicable diseases, violence and abuse, substance abuse, underserved populations, environmental concerns, and community preparedness for emergencies and disasters; and specialties like community mental health, school health, faith communities, palliative and end-of-life care, and occupational health nursing.
Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse Treatment Pathways in Employee Groups is a five-year research collaboration between MHN of Point Richmond, California, and the Brandeis/Harvard Center on Managed Care and Drug Abuse Treatment.
The author uniquely places the reader in a position to observer the youthful offenders of the Capitol Offender Program as they explicitly relate key elements of their lives filled with physical and mental abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, abandonment, marginalization, and neglect.
6735 DUANE Enacts "Timothy's Law"; provides for fair insurance treatment; further provides that every insurance policy delivered or issued in this state which provides coverage for medical or hospital care shall provide coverage for the treatment and diagnosis of mental, nervous or emotional disorders or ailments and those disorders or ailments associated with alcoholism, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and substance or chemical dependence; makes related provisions.
The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Training Program offers 350 workshops in child sexual abuse, substance abuse, mental health, adoption, and other specialty areas.