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a small gang of terrorist thugs claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines

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He said the Abu Sayyaf members "came out after they saw that the government was serious in giving them a second chance to live a peaceful life.
Mion is an Abu Sayyaf member under Furuji Indama and Bareo is listed under the AFP list as a member of the group of Nurhassan Jamiri," said Brig.
Torred said witnesses pointed to Sariul as the Abu Sayyaf member who beheaded Golden Harvest workers Primitivo Falcasantos and Crisanto Suela on June 12, 2001, a day after they were kidnapped and just as the country celebrated Independence Day.
Manila: The Philippine government has said it is making gains in its campaign against extremist groups Abu Sayyaf and Maute which operate in Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao respectively.
They identified themselves as Abu Sayyaf Group members .
Before pledging allegiance to Daesh, Abu Sayyaf was affiliated with Al Qaeda, as news reports from recent years show.
The encounter was fierce and troops encountered a big group of the Abu Sayyaf," he said, adding extra forces and air support had since been called into the area.
Fighting raged over the weekend between the military and as many as 200 Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, but the troops finally raised the Philippine flag over the mountainous area, said Dolorfino.
Dozens of soldiers and a team of combat-trained police officers were returning to a base on the island of Jolo on Saturday when Abu Sayyaf fighters attacked them near Parang town, Lieutenant-Colonel Edgard Arevalo said.
We are operating against the Abu Sayyaf group, but MILF forces under Sattar Alih, are attacking our soldiers.
Calvo adds that the region's Christians, who tend to see themselves solely in the roles of victims of the Abu Sayyaf terror, need to realize they have contributed to the conflict and oppression that has led to the current situation.
Abu Sayyaf is a local kidnap-terror group loosely affiliated with the al-Qaida international terrorist network, which is blamed for the attacks of Sept.
missionary couple and a Philippine nurse are still being held captive somewhere in a jungle despite the Philippine military's game of cat and mouse with the Abu Sayyaf.
announcement that 650 military personnel will be deployed to the southern Philippines signified that the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group is the next target after Afghanistan in the U.
THE fanatics of Abu Sayyaf use bombs, kidnapping, murder and extortion in their battle to win a hardline Moslem homeland.