Abu Sayyaf

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a small gang of terrorist thugs claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines

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Eric Distor, NBI deputy director for intelligence services, said Mohotoh and Timbao were among the 13 alleged Abu Sayyaf terrorists arrested by the NBI since February.
Sobejana, an awardee of the top military honor for courage -- the Medal of Valor, believes that the plan to end the Abu Sayyaf Group is "feasible."
Government forces had surrounded Simisa Island, where a small community thrives near mangroves, to hunt down the remaining Abu Sayyaf gunmen, according to Col.
In an exclusive Sunday Star report, neighbours testified that they did not think much of the Yakans residing in the flats, including Hajar who is the nephew of another Abu Sayyaf leader called Furuji Indama.
Manila: The Philippine government has said it is making gains in its campaign against extremist groups Abu Sayyaf and Maute which operate in Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao respectively.
"They identified themselves as Abu Sayyaf Group members ....
Although Abu Sayyaf purports to be Islamic, they seem much more focused on earning money through kidnappings than they do on following the Koran.
"The encounter was fierce and troops encountered a big group of the Abu Sayyaf," he said, adding extra forces and air support had since been called into the area.
However on Monday, as Philippine Marines were leaving the newly-captured camp, they were ambushed by Abu Sayyaf fighters resulting in the deaths of eight troopers and five guerrillas, said military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Brawner.
The attack came two days after security forces raided an Abu Sayyaf base in nearby Indanan town.
We are operating against the Abu Sayyaf group, but MILF forces under Sattar Alih, are attacking our soldiers.
"Today I see my involvement in PAZ as a response to the gospel call that 'all may be one.'" To this day, though, news of Abu Sayyaf atrocities leads to family feuds with her brothers, who disapprove of her peace work.
''The Philippines, for example, is a front in the war on terror against Abu Sayyaf,'' he said.
missionary couple and a Philippine nurse are still being held captive somewhere in a jungle despite the Philippine military's game of cat and mouse with the Abu Sayyaf.
announcement that 650 military personnel will be deployed to the southern Philippines signified that the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group is the next target after Afghanistan in the U.S.