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Veteran Israeli commentator Yossi Melman said: "In the 1970s and 1980s, Abu Nidal was looked on as something of an Osama bin Laden.''
In Syria, the government became increasingly uncomfortable with the erosion of popular support for Abu Musa's people in Syrian refugee camps in favor of Abu Nidal, and finally closed Aub Nidal's offices and expelled his men from the country in the summer of 1987.
But he added of the Libya suspects: "They could have been on the fringes of the Abu Nidal group."
Abu Nidal opposed peace between Israel and Arab nations.
Abu Nidal was caught after crossing into Egypt from Libya for cancer treatment.
As Noam Chomsky remarked to me: "Just imagine that Amnesty International sent a delegation to Israel led by someone who worked in the Soviet Union to raise money for Abu Nidal. Actually the correct analogy would be that they sent a delegation with an avid supporter of the P.L.O.-- obviously not a fair parallel since the P.L.O.
At the time of Shaaban's arrest, authorities identified him as a follower of Palestinian militant leader Abu Nidal, who was involved in stunning acts of terrorism around the globe before his death in 2002.
PALESTINIAN guerrilla leader Abu Nidal, one of the world's most wanted men, has been found shot dead in his home.
Intent on redrawing the political map of the region, Israel cynically seized upon the attempted assassination of its ambassador in London by a member of the anti-PLO Abu Nidal Organization to justify its invasion of Lebanon.
Zayd Hassan Safarini, a one-time member of the Abu Nidal organisation, was detained at an undisclosed location over the weekend.
Fatah official Colonel Abu Nidal Zahiman was passing through the area when the bomb went off but was not hurt.
Abu Nidal Organisation: Intent on the destruction of Israel.
FATAH REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL: Leader Abu Nidal has been implicated in over 90 terrorist attacks and is now said to be advising Saddam Hussein on new terrorism policy.
PALESTINIAN terrorist leader Abu Nidal, allegedly responsible for 900 deaths in 20 countries, was reported under arrest in Egypt last night after leaving his Libyan hideout.
According to Mesbahi, Tehran asked Libya and notorious terrorist Abu Nidal for help in carrying out the Lockerbie attack.