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Abu Nidal usually served Iraq's secularist Baath regime, which persecuted Islamists.
Abu Nidal nodded gratefully, and the neighbors began recalling the names of other Martyrs.
Abu Nidal nodded gratefully, and the neighbours began recalling the names of other Martyrs.
In June 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon following the attempted murder of an Israeli diplomat in London by agents of the Abu Nidal Organization.
Libyan support for organizations such as Abu Nidal, its backing of Iran during its war with Iraq and its underwriting of rebel groups in neighboring countries alienated the United States, most European nations and much of the Arab world.
Abu Nidal wasn't the only one of Israel's enemies to draw inspiration from the events of '67.
Sudan has edged away from being the playground for terrorists it was in the 1990s, when Carlos the Jackal, Abu Nidal and Osama bin Laden called the African country home.
The CIA's attention shifted to terrorism in the 1980s, starting with the successful campaign against the Abu Nidal organization.
Court papers say that Zayd Hassan Abd Al-Latif Masud Al Safarini led a group of four men, all members of the Abu Nidal Palestinian terrorist organisation, onto Pan Am flight 73 on 5 September 1986 while it was parked at Karachi Airport in Pakistan.
A spokesman at Central Command said an "international terrorist" belonging to the Palestinian Abu Nidal organisation had also surrendered to the Marines in Baghdad on Friday.
Abu Nidal, the world's most feared terrorist before Osama arrived, dies in Baghdad.
Rather, Coughlin shows how his alliances with al-Qaida and the Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal (whom, Coughlin claims, Saddam had murdered for defying him) are pure convenience, making common cause as they do against the hated America.
Ironically, when Iraq was most active in its support of international terrorism during the 1980s--bankrolling the now-defunct Abu Nidal group and other radical secular nationalists--the U.
Intelligence chief Tahir Al Jaboush says the fugitive Palestinian militant Abu Nidal (who was reported dead on Aug.
A LABOUR MP today urged Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to produce any evidence he has linking Palestinian terror mastermind Abu Nidal with the Lockerbie bombing, following reports of the militant's death in Baghdad.