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The leader of the group Zayd Hassan Abd al-Latif Masud al-Safarini, also a Palestinian, was prominent member of the Abu Nidal group.
Arabs Say Deadly Power Struggle Has Split Abu Nidal Terror Group," read the November 1989 headline in The New York Times.
Abu Nidal, from the Damascus suburb of Erbin, said: "We would go into a house and everything was in its place, every person was in their place.
Abu Nidal and his relationship with Iraq, and Carlos and his relationship with Gaddafi).
The Palestinian resistance groups coalition includes the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, Islamic Jihad movement, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Popular Struggle Front led by Khaled Abdul Majid, Vanguard for the Popular Liberation War, Popular Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Fatah al-intifada movement and Palestinian Liberation Front led by Abu Nidal Al-Ashqar.
For instance, in a meticulous analysis of the major components of Attain Document--a series of operations launched by the US Navy off Libya in 1985 in response to anti-American terrorism perpetrated by Hizballah and the Abu Nidal organization--the author demonstrates the success of an effects-based approach from the tactical to the strategic levels of war.
Throughout the 1980s, the prospect of Abu Nidal obtaining a nuclear weapon alarmed intelligence services worldwide.
asked Abu Nidal, my neighbor from nearly 20 years ago, when I lived in Gaza.
asked Abu Nidal, my neighbour from nearly 20 years ago, when I lived in Gaza.
For two decades, Abu Nidal was the most notorious name in terrorism worldwide, the most dreaded international villain, who made regular appearances in popular fiction and thrillers.
He claimed it had been carried out by a Mossad mole in rival Palestinian group Abu nidal.
In June1982 following an assassination attempt against IsraelAAEs ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, by a renegade anti-PLO Palestinian faction identified as Abu Nidal Group, Israel launched war against Lebanon, occupying the south up to the edges of West Beirut.
The FBI's website identifies him as a Palestinian with possible Lebanese citizenship, who was a member of the armed Palestinian group Abu Nidal.
killed at his recruiting station; a second involved US Army officer Abu Nidal
Attention-seeking: Black September and international terrorism' (PLO) versus Israel, including airliner hijacking and the Munich Olympics massacre; the adventures of Abu Nidal and Carlos the Jackal); 6.