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Synonyms for Avicenna

Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher

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There is an Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Ibne Rushd (Averroes) in many amongst you.
Let us discuss and reflect upon various works of Uzbek scientists and thinkers as Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi, Abu Rayan al-Biruni, Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Ulugbek, Alisher Navoi and many others in the development of Modern Civilizations.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will visit the Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, rural health center of Vahdat district and the National Center for Reproductive Health on October 24.
Abu Ali Sina Hospital Opens: A new modern heart and kidney clinic named after the 10th Century Persian philosopher and physician Abu Ali Ibn Sina has been opened in the capital of Tajikistan.
ISFAHAN, Persia, March 1023--Faced with a particularly puzzling or difficult case, royal physicians and hospital surgeons have traditionally turned to the wandering bachelor healer, Abu Ali ibn Sina. In the future, consulting this renowned medical scientist will no longer require trekking throughout Persia.
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