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Synonyms for Avicenna

Arabian physician and influential Islamic philosopher

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We thank the staff of Abu Ali Sina Balkhi Regional Hospital who helped conduct this research.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh said on Friday that Ministry of Petroleum is commander of operations to curb fire in Abu Ali Sina Petrochemical Plant.
"My elder daughter finished medical school from the private university of Abu Ali Sina. My son is a military officer.
According to the official Iranian news agency MEHR, a group of about 250 student-members of the Basij militia gathered in front of the tomb in December and threatened to tear it down The Basij members sent to threaten the landmark were students from Abu Ali Sina University.
Abu Ali Sina Hospital Opens: A new modern heart and kidney clinic named after the 10th Century Persian philosopher and physician Abu Ali Ibn Sina has been opened in the capital of Tajikistan.
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