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of an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting

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Our minds are such that from our prior knowledge of Peter we can unpack abstractively the successive levels of generality present in Peter's nature.
Such Laws of Nature that (i) primitively and antecedent (j) to the institution of Civil Government, and (k) abstractively from it considered; (l) 2.
Touching the former of these it seems most evident that there are certain natural Laws antecedent to the institution of Civil and Political Government which did bind mankind and do bind to (a) this day abstractively considered from these politicall (b) Civil Constitutions.
And these Natural Laws that abstractively (o) belong hereunto, are very few, because notwithstanding the institution of civil or political Laws and government, all those Laws of Nature whereof before still obtain and retain their force and obligation, and therefore it were but vain to repeate them over again;