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Synonyms for machine language

a programming language designed for use on a specific class of computers

a set of instructions coded so that the computer can use it directly without further translation


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For example, if the layer supports Amazon EC2 and Openstack cloud, it means that basic abstraction layer will have two drivers, in proportion to number of clouds.
What it comes down to is this: An abstraction layer in a storage network can bring order to chaos, offering homogenous management control over heterogeneous resources.
Composite Software today announced that Carfax, the vehicle history expert for used car buyers, sellers and the automotive industry, has successfully developed and deployed a data abstraction layer using the Composite Data Virtualization Platform[TM] that will provide the company greater agility in managing its rapidly changing and growing reporting environment.
Transport Abstraction Layer - The new transport abstraction layer enables rapid integration of over 50 common message transports, reducing the need for custom coding and making it easier for developers to change underlying transports.
Soapstone makes PBT and MPLS a choice not a dilemma for customers by delivering a transport abstraction layer above both PBT and MPLS that enables seamless migration from already deployed MPLS solutions to emerging low-cost, high touch alternatives such as PBT.
Unlike the traditional 'stove-piped' solutions, which require high degree of customization for each new service and device type, Intelliden's DRP solution provides an abstraction layer, which translates all networking device information into one consistent format and provides a single control plane for managing all network resources.
RadiantOne provides an abstraction layer to disparate data and acts as a directory without requiring ongoing, costly and complex data integration.
The Diamond Standard VDO engines host all the key video processing functions in software on the cores - including the network abstraction layer, picture layer, slice layer, bit-stream parsing and entropy decoding and encoding.
Conversion tools excel at all kinds of migrations, particularly where administrators need to swap out the underlying gear or hardware abstraction layer.
Payment applications interface with the M2 via ReaderWare, which provides an abstraction layer that provides software upgradeability to future tag and security protocols.
The modular Mocana Embedded Security Suite includes Embedded IPsec/IKE, Embedded SSL Server, Embedded SSL Client, Embedded SSH Server, Embedded SSH Client, RADIUS Client, Mocana's OS and CPU abstraction layer and Mocana's Hardware Acceleration Harness.