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an abstract genre of art

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Just like the final product in abstract painting will differ from artist to artist, the techniques used to get there will also be different.
Born, raised and currently living in China, Yan Jiang shares his unique perspective on abstract painting not only through his skill, but also through his temperament.
His abstract painting "Tranquility 5-IV-73 #310" was sold for 6.55 billion won ($6.1 million) at an April 2017 auction in Seoul.
Reece Dinsdale is so proud of the abstract painting (left) done by his son Luca of Town's day at Wembley Details to follow soon.
One day, several squares of an abstract painting arrive, tucked into envelopes that were taped to the back of paintings that may be works by Alizee's friends.
This for abstract paintings that are structurally easy to describe as blocks of color set in stacks and rows, a grid format that Whitney has lately brought to a pitch of refinement but that has been present or foreshadowed in his work for a long time.
Bush's colourful abstract paintings aim to provoke a visceral effect in the viewer, rather than to make specific references to the material world.
Abstract painting allows for these kinds of images that tend to stimulate religious ideas more readily than any other pictorial genre.
Leah Becker, 23, from Redcar, is particularly proud of her final piece - an abstract painting of mushrooms, using flour, sand and poster paint.
Although it is an abstract painting, Chemaly succeeds in rendering to his viewers anguish, stress and a loss of control.
REALISTIC ABSTRACTS: PAINTING ABSTRACTS BASED ON WHAT YOU SEE covers the entire concept of realistic abstract painting, an impressionist form that relies on the viewer's imagination.
Baltes, right, said: "I was questioning the depiction of figures in my paintings with this big abstract painting on canvas.
"I hope through my collection that I'll be able to awaken a taste for post-war European abstract painting, which is an artform in its own right."
The idiosyncratic main title of "Oranges and Sardines: Conversations on Abstract Painting," one of Gary Garrels's parting exhibitions as Hammer chief curator, is derived from Frank O'Hara's 1956 poem "Why I Am Not a Painter," in which O'Hara, who counted numerous abstract painters among his friends and was a curator at MoMA from 1960 to 1966, muses on the mysterious black-box nature of the creative process.
Works by student artists at the Poughkeepsie, N.Y., college include a charcoal self-portrait by Raymond Arnold, a color photographic print "The Masquerade" by Joseph Berhosky, and an untitled abstract painting by Allison Wiand.