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an abstract genre of art

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Reece Dinsdale is so proud of the abstract painting (left) done by his son Luca of Town's day at Wembley Details to follow soon.
Unlike a specific religion or an explicitly religious art, abstract painting is neither concerned with narrative nor connected to specific stories or categorical religious doctrine.
But Lebanese viewers might be pleasantly surprised by Paul Chemaly's abstract paintings now on show at Furn al-Shubbak's Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery.
Under the partnership, the museum would also house part of Gandur's collection of 800 artifacts, mainly from ancient Egypt, and 20th century abstract paintings, he told Swiss radio RSR.
Five live in New York, but three of them spent formative time elsewhere that's strongly reflected in their practice (Heilmann, California; von Heyl, Germany; Sillman, Chicago)--but New York, while not the only hub for abstract painting, remains the largest.
Dear Editor, Whenever the subject of modern art crops up, in particular abstract painting, I am always reminded of the 60s BBC TV programme Monitor, hosted by Huw Wheldon (Passion for Art, Post comment, April 6).
The architect Kengo Kuma's new addition to Tokyo's urban sprawl displays not only the work of the late Masanari Murai (1905-1999), a pioneer in modernist abstract painting, but also his actual studio, part of a 60-year-old wooden house which has been saved along with most of its contents.
This Russian artist's paintings heralded abstract painting and a large number of them are shown in brilliant color in this DVD.
Kramer points out that abstract painting has an "inevitably symbiotic relation to representational art" and that the larger question is "the fate of painting itself.
Art is the lie that tells the truth," Picasso once said, articulating how an abstract painting could pack so much passion.
An abstract painting by Damian Hirst in the conference room is whimsical and colorful next to an intense red tile wall.
As the abstract painting enlarges to become the backdrop, dancers in cream-colored costumes seem to swirl from its buttery center with jazzy partnering segueing into a Balanchinesque unison finale.
you come across a piece of art that intrigues you in some way - whether it's a display of feather masks, a bold abstract painting or a pair of hand-carved dragons.
But after taking in the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival he went backpacking in the redwoods of Big Sur and found his calling - photographing landscape at ephemeral moments when natural colors and shapes seem as remarkable as any abstract painting.
As an innovator in this type of abstract painting, Frankenthaler was an influential figure in the development of Color Field painting, a form of abstraction more concerned with color than with the gestural brushwork used by artists such as Pollock.