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an abstract genre of art

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Her grandfather may be one of the country's best and most famous abstract painters today, but based on Sotto's stories, Luz probably isn't the most effective teacher and art critic there is.
In 1956, abstract painter Jackson Pollock, 44, died in an automobile accident on Long Island, New York.
23 ( ANI ): Google recently paid a tribute to abstract painter Agnes Martin by posting a doodle in honour of the artist.
They include famous friends such as artists Maurice Cockrill, Arthur Ballard and Henri (who described him as "a portrait painter for money and an abstract painter for love") and poet McGough, as well as Walsh's neighbour, solicitor, ex-wife and bank manager.
Focusing on the prints of the abstract painter Hans Hartung, Fondation Baur mounts an exhibition that establishes a link between Hartung's work and that of contemporary Chinese painters.
Zaun Lee is a young, New York-based abstract painter who comes from Seoul, South Korea.
Both Daphne [Hughes], British abstract painter, and German-French surrealist painter Christian [Seidel] told me that they would like to showcase their works in Dubai.
Born in Istanbul in 1968, Gulay Semercioglu always wanted to be a minimal abstract painter.
It was the second time Tuffers - The One Show's art correspondent and a keen abstract painter in his own right - has visited the Barber in recent weeks.
Gallery's top man wants big names for the future THE NEW boss of North Wales'' top gallery wants to invite farmers to talk about artistic exhibitions and hopes to exhibit world class works by famous artists such as abstract painter Jackson Pollock.
Crafted in yellow, rose and white gold, set with diamonds and South Sea pearls the Mondrian collection is inspired by the works of acclaimed Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian, famous for painting squares in a spare, precise and geometric manner.
As an abstract painter, he was the youngest member of the New York School that also included such renowned artists as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, among others.
Abstract painter Sean Scully, 63, will design the 36ft by 10 ft window for Girona Cathedral in north east Spain.
The production is narrated by storyteller David Gonzalez and integrates the art of Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky, projected onto huge screens, as well as the music of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, performed by a live ensemble.
Analyses of the work of Barbara Guest, Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, and abstract painter Joan Mitchell as well as feminist insights into a number of male New York School writers and artists offer new interpretations of issues of anonymity vs.