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the branches of mathematics that study and develop the principles of mathematics for their own sake rather than for their immediate usefulness

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In addition, future research could explore how visual representation facilitates students understanding of abstract mathematics concepts, and how this differs as a function of the level of prior knowledge.
It can be easily understood if we see in it a concordance of the abstract mathematics with the concrete atomistically comprehended nature, a concordance which should justify the applicability of mathematics.
00) discusses the rebirth of abstract mathematics and its connection to efforts to 'touch the mind of God'.
The formative assessment and intervention resources included in this edition reportedly enable teachers to evaluate their students' grasp of computational and abstract mathematics skills and then adjust instruction with resources already included in the program.
Although storytelling is not considered to be a "model", it is considered as another pedagogical technique that can enhance the understanding of abstract mathematics concepts.
Numeracy in the workplace differs from formal, rule-based abstract mathematics taught in school and requires training that is relevant to the specific applications of the skill.
Conceptual art has had a long history of exploring theoretical ideas, such as abstract mathematics, in sensory form, providing the perfect basis for this type of exploration.
Whether we like it or not, our children will be concerned in the future with more abstract mathematics than their predecessors.
Through The Algebra Project, Moses has worked with middle schools to develop creative, game-centered mathematics curricula that expose students to abstract mathematics and prepare them for high school algebra.
It also introduces children to ideas of more abstract mathematics as they sort and classify data, create graphs, compare data sets, examine patterns, and interpret graphical representations.
The efficacy of abstract mathematics in describing natural processes has led many thinkers to conclude that the universe must be constructed along mathematical lines.
It will eventually be used for other applications including engineering and abstract mathematics.
In most instances these new macroeconomic theories have been grounded in highly sophisticated and abstract mathematics and statistics, not in the broader context of the social sciences.