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an abstract genre of art

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Still, there's plenty of fun to be had in simply wandering around and seeing what you want in the abstract imagery; a more accomplished and challenging version of the butterfly-like poster paint prints we all did as a child.
MALENA ASSING * MALENAASSING.COM * Working in both figurative and abstract imagery, photographer Malena Assing uses light as a metaphor for joy; 1 work with images 'stolen' from the instants of life," she says.
Of those using abstract imagery, many included stormy weather and 'evil' characters, such as the devil or an executioner.
Beyond suggestions of the precariousness and transience of life, Thomas' sculptures become abstract imagery for those forces beyond human control.
ISLAMABAD, March 06, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The group of paintings carrying abstract imagery and symbolic expressions by Ragini Upadhyay Grela from Nepal and Irshad Salim from USA will conclude here on March 6 at Gallery6.
The sensuous abstract imagery is thus subsumed within playful yet aggressive gestural brushstrokes.
Each walkway has an assorted mix of flowering trees, green shrubs and ground covers.The site furnishings, including the railings, benches and signs, incorporate the abstract imagery of Burj Dubai's design inspiration, the Hymenocalis.
Combining photographic imagery - notably battle re-enactment enthusiasts in "redcoat" uniforms, a bull and two figures in religious costume - with abstract imagery, it calls to mind Robert Rauscshemnberg's work combining pop imagery with abstract expressionism.
Works are grouped, not chronologically, but by affinity, so that you can explore the infinite variety of ways in which this master employed line, colour, figurative and abstract imagery; always enigmatic and never repetitive.
As impundulu is a mythic object that may not have actually been seen with the physical eye; it thus exists only in theory and its existence can not be proven in reality; its use is an instance of the poet's employment of abstract imagery. However, its use gives the reader, who understands the belief in witchcraft, an opportunity to associate the subject with the bird.
The director bridges her interviews--with relatives, friends, associates and, most intriguingly, with international journalists who followed Meffire's case--with fluid visual wipes of abstract imagery that lend the film a spiritual dimension.
These mental excursions are useful to help readers understand some of the storytelling qualities that contextualize his more abstract imagery.
He was a wonderful painter of the New York School who liked to work with multiple layers of abstract imagery marked by sgraffito and entrusted imagery.
Using abstract imagery of the prairie landscape as well as more personalized images, layered with a minimalist finsson of spoken memories and musings about where he grew up, St ockton's film becomes surprisingly expansive within its five--and--a--half minute duration.
Representing a younger generation of writers that emerged in the late 1970s and 1980s, Valeriu Stancu combines Astalos's abstract imagery with an often informal diction, imitating the cadences of speech.
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