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an abstract genre of art

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At the same time, of course, the projection can be read as a piece of abstract imagery.
Khedoori's new work expands her subject matter to include pictures featuring a scatter of gravel and a topographical map; the artist also experimented for the first time with completely abstract imagery.
Some pieces read partly as underhanded comments on contemporary art, as in Untitled (Totem), a painting whose abstract imagery is accompanied by a helpful diagram indicating that the piece depicts a PRIMITIVE PERSON hurling SPECIAL GOOP with a GIANT SPOON at a MOULDY STUMP.
Yes, Hockney has applied his signature decorative style to abstract imagery in a way that is viscerally thrilling.
Book Trailers like-"2 Days In The Life Of A Dead Man," represent a collision of abstract imagery, graphics, music and creative editing, to stimulate the reader.
Originally a painter, he has worked in animation for the past decade, "combining" - as the cinema tells us - "cutting-edge digital technology with layered, abstract imagery to create works that explore the nature of film and moving image".
Appreciated left to right, the abstract imagery gradually shifted: light to dark, dilute to concentrated, entropic to orderly.
As an artist, she creates fiber art inspired by realistic and abstract imagery of maps.
and I Give Everything Away - graphic abstract imagery alongside a carefully chosen phrase.
Photography options within the new 450,000 photos include active seniors, wellbeing, well-dressed, travel, abstract imagery and many other categories selected in response to customers' requests and advertising trends.
The films are a collection of text only, abstract imagery and narrative films each with an original soundtrack created by Media Sounds of Milnsbridge.
Of those using abstract imagery, many included stormy weather and 'evil' characters, such as the devil or an executioner.
Beyond suggestions of the precariousness and transience of life, Thomas' sculptures become abstract imagery for those forces beyond human control.
ISLAMABAD, March 06, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The group of paintings carrying abstract imagery and symbolic expressions by Ragini Upadhyay Grela from Nepal and Irshad Salim from USA will conclude here on March 6 at Gallery6.
The sensuous abstract imagery is thus subsumed within playful yet aggressive gestural brushstrokes.
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