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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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Critics have condemned the Mythmakers' expedient blending of influences from distinct cultural traditions and the political use made of Abstract Expressionist work to relocate the center of post-World War II culture from Europe to the US, yet such writing often seems indifferent to the art in question, which appears standardized, a placeholder for socio-anthropological notions.
Xing is equally at ease with his abstract expressionist art as with figurative landscapes and portraiture.
I also wonder why only work by the Jewish Abstract Expressionists, Rothko and Newman primarily, could be read as Holocaust paintings.
Abstract Expressionists also borrowed ideas from other modern art "isms" such as Dadaism and Surrealism.
The Abstract Expressionists discovered that to make a lithograph, all you have to do is draw freely on the lithograph stone to create a `free-form image.
From the sheet-wrapped Bohemiens of post-revolutionary Paris to the strategically furnished art studios of fin de siecle modernists to the boho-dancing abstract expressionists of mid-century, the art world of the past 200 years has relied rather heavily on poses.
The question was in part rhetorical: There had to have been enough apparent similarity--what art historians like to call "affinity"--between Soutine and the Abstract Expressionists to have made it seem natural to ask if he was a predecessor.
Dadaism subsequently subsumed a broad range of styles and media: Dadaists, Action painters, Abstract Expressionists, Pop artists, and New Wave filmmakers all showed a passion for commenting on the underlying social relations and on the cynicism, ennui, and disillusionment inherent in the struggle to relate ourselves to a world of unparalleled and unchecked technological advance and information explosion and a social order still buried in barbarism and discord.
Schildkraut, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and his colleagues charted the turbulent psychological histories of 15 mid-20th-century abstract expressionists of the New York School, only one of whom is still alive.
Yet Goldberg's campy sense of humor, quickened by his friendship with Frank O'Hara, imparted to his canvases a wry wit uncommon among the Abstract Expressionists.
Several years later I saw a show in Edinburgh on the Abstract Expressionists.
Both the first-and second-generation Abstract Expressionists had not only energy but also structure in their paintings; most of Neel's works, though, seem to have more energy than structure, particularly the small acrylic paintings on paper--hasty puddings indeed, to refer to one of their titles.
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