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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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Yet, to judge from the five small paintings--all Untitled--and the four large paintings from the 1950s (Untitled, 1951; Still Life with Onion Rolls, 1956; Park Avenue Facade, 1957-58; and Dune House I, 1958) Goldberg clearly had a "style." A second-generation Abstract Expressionist, he in effect conventionalized what was once experimental, exploratory, or "unconventional" into a style of handling paint.
Abstract art is a 65-year old tradition in the Philippines since Constancio Bernardo made his first iconic abstract painting entitled Perpetual Motion while a student at the Yale University in 1950--he was then influenced by German abstract expressionist Josef Albers, head of Yale's painting department, after the school ended its tradition of promoting the Italian School of painting.
In nearly every respect, Mitchell is presented as a thoroughly first wave Abstract Expressionist, from her tumultuous personal life to her art school training.
Born in North Dakota in 1904, Still was considered one of the most influential of the American post-World War Two abstract expressionist artists, although he was not as well known as others such as Jackson Pollock.
The group is inspired by the classic works of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko, poet and storyteller Edgar Allan Poe and Japanese artist Kenji Yoshida.
Xing is equally at ease with his abstract expressionist art as with figurative landscapes and portraiture.
You can see his abstract expressionist works at the newly opened H.
Treading the abstract expressionist terrain of Pina Bausch, the Brussels-based troupe Ultima Vez offered a cornucopia of high-impact dance, dreamy films projected onto a shredded screen, and an original, banjo-punctuated rock score by David Eugene Edwards of the band 16 Horsepower.
Some 30 per cent answered every question correctly - from who won this year's Turner Prize to identifying Jackson Pollock as an abstract expressionist.
Visitors can follow the evolution of the Abstract Expressionist movement through the works of American artist Adolph Gottlieb at The Jewish Museum.
Baigell did not convince me that the Holocaust was a major subtext for abstract expressionist painting of the New York School, but his book is valuable for its coverage of visual responses to the Shoah that were more obviously related to documenting the genocide.
* New York became the center of Abstract Expressionist art after World War II.
Willem De Kooning: Abstract Expressionist. Morris Plains, NJ: Lucerne Media (800-341-2293), VHS format, 10 minutes, $49.00.
I've been to countless cultural exhibits during my life, but I'd never felt such a mix of anxiety, dread, and fascination as when I entered the Berkeley Art Center to see "Ethnic Notions: Black Images in the White Mind." This was not a display of "what's-it-supposed-to-mean?" abstract expressionist paintings.
Richard Bradshaw conducted the Canadian Opera Company's successful new production of Debussy's Pelleas et Melisande, designed by Dany Lyne in a thoroughly non-naturalistic manner, framed by shadowy abstract expressionist scrims atmospherically lit by Paul Mathiesen.