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Synonyms for abstention



Synonyms for abstention

the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

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The Mexican electorate has resorted to other means besides abstentionism to show discontent to the establishment.
And nothing other than the respect that I have for the future of the young generation, now growing up, would lead me to this very cruel confession, to seeing in almost all of my work the inadequacy of abstentionism.
Baja California has always had a high rate of abstentionism," said Luna.
Republican Sinn Fein, led by O'Bradaigh's father, also Ruairi, formed after the divisive Sinn Fein ard fheis in 1986 which saw members agree to abandon the policy of abstentionism and take seats in the Dail.
14) For brief but invaluable statements on the ways in which the Workers' Party struggled to transcend the legacy of SP abstentionism around "the Negro Question," in particular the formation of the American Negro Labor Congress in 1925, see James P.
Should this be the response to Race Matthews' eulogy in Arena Magazine of the Fabian Society as the epitome of diversity and political abstentionism, virtually a new anarchist grouping?
Abstentionism, said to have favored the FSLN, was estimated at between 40% and 50%.
Kenney argues that although Kosovar Albanians justly felt provoked and beset by Serbian authorities, their abstentionism quite self-consciously worsened their situation.
Still, the rate of abstentionism in the Mexico state election was the highest in the last 25 years and perhaps reflected a sense that the result was predetermined because of Avila's large margin in polls conducted before the election.
The collection has its origins in the attempts by politically committed academics and commentators to both influence and analyze the course of resistance taken by organised labour in South Africa, in particular the move from militant abstentionism to political engagement within the unfolding of the transition towards democracy and the further integration of South Africa into the world economy.
The dissidents believed that by voting to end abstentionism Sinn Fein had abandoned a core principle of republicanism and would eventually accept partition too.
Second, in both cases, abstentionism among registered voters increased significantly in the presidential "segunda vuelta" or runoff elections (from 31 to 35% in 1985, and from 44 to 55% in 1990-1991).
But some columnists believe that the move to allow greater citizen participation in the political process is extremely important to help correct some of the deficiencies of a flawed system that continues to allow manipulation or vote-buying, systemic violation of electoral laws, and an electoral process where high abstentionism allows a winner to claim a mandate.
Electoral dominance, combined with abstentionism by Catholics, reinforced the economic privilege of Unionists and cemented their political hegemony.
The high rate of abstentionism is not acceptable, but it was not because of insecurity but because of Hurricane Alex," said Carlos Renán Castillo Gutiérrez, president of the local chapter of the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (COPARMEX) in Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas.