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Synonyms for abstention



Synonyms for abstention

the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

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And nothing other than the respect that I have for the future of the young generation, now growing up, would lead me to this very cruel confession, to seeing in almost all of my work the inadequacy of abstentionism. Though outspoken and pointed, many of us made our work ineffective in combat.
Together such phenomena might be said to represent an entrenched scepticism, even hostility, toward politics (an abstentionism obscured in the Australian system by compulsory voting), and the attempts and development of means to redeem politics--in other words, a continued investment in and experimentation with that same system.
* a liberation movement which won resounding electoral victories against a terribly weak opposition, but under circumstances of worsening abstentionism by, and depoliticization of, the masses;
To the dismay of all of those who fully support the peace accords, the population did not participate as expected (abstentionism was at 80%), and the NO vote won, meaning the rejection of all constitutional reforms.
The drastic fall in the Conservatives' share of the poll from over 40 percent to just over 30 derived mainly from mass abstentionism by traditional Conservative voters.
In 1986 he threw his weight behind the Adams-McGuinness leadership and their proposal to end abstentionism in the Irish Republic.
We see no reason to believe that this growth will be arrested--differential abstentionism and alienation amongst unionist voters are not the major causes of the growth of the N bloc.
Certainly, Bordiga sensed enough danger in the syndicalist attraction to warn his youthful compatriots against syndicalist-inspired abstentionism before the 1913 general elections.(73) Yet, the F.G.S.I.
This unique form of British industrial autonomy or abstentionism resulted in a framework, for example, with no formal recognition of unions, no legally enforced collective bargaining agreements, no restrictions on social sanctions (strikes, peaceful picketing, and secondary actions), and no regulation of internal trade union behavior.
When the polling ended in the astounding PRI win, pundit Enrique Maza expressed the country's mood: "With Chiapas and without Chiapas," he wrote, "with Marcos and without Marcos...with Colosio and without Colosio, with kidnapping and without kidnapping...with the extension of poverty and without the extension of poverty...with unemployment and without unemployment, with debate and without debate, with significant abstentionism and showers of voters, with fraud and without fraud, no matter what, there stands the PRI with its clean sweep.
pattern is spreading to Western Europe, and with it the American disease of abstentionism. Considering that there is less and less to choose between the likely winners, or winning coalitions, the Western Europeans, traditionally heavy voters, are gradually losing the habit.
The statute of workers' rights (Act 300/1970), which is still the fundamental source of law governing collective labor relations, marked a change of attitude towards organized labor, both regarding the constitutional approach of article 39 of the Constitution and the actual "abstentionism" of the 1950's and 1960's.
SINN Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has remained defiant on her party's abstentionism policy.
Still, some public-opinion polls suggest that abstentionism might not be as high as some analysts anticipate.
Republican Sinn Fein, led by O Bradaigh's father, also Ruairi, formed after the divisive Sinn Fein ard fheis of 1986, which saw members agree to abandon the policy of abstentionism and take seats in the Dail.