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Synonyms for abstention



Synonyms for abstention

the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

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And nothing other than the respect that I have for the future of the young generation, now growing up, would lead me to this very cruel confession, to seeing in almost all of my work the inadequacy of abstentionism.
Certainly, Bordiga sensed enough danger in the syndicalist attraction to warn his youthful compatriots against syndicalist-inspired abstentionism before the 1913 general elections.
This unique form of British industrial autonomy or abstentionism resulted in a framework, for example, with no formal recognition of unions, no legally enforced collective bargaining agreements, no restrictions on social sanctions (strikes, peaceful picketing, and secondary actions), and no regulation of internal trade union behavior.
with unemployment and without unemployment, with debate and without debate, with significant abstentionism and showers of voters, with fraud and without fraud, no matter what, there stands the PRI with its clean sweep.
pattern is spreading to Western Europe, and with it the American disease of abstentionism.
But while Sinn Fein seems to move its justification for abstentionism from one of principle to one of tactics, does it have a point?
Still, some public-opinion polls suggest that abstentionism might not be as high as some analysts anticipate.
Republican Sinn Fein, led by O Bradaigh's father, also Ruairi, formed after the divisive Sinn Fein ard fheis of 1986, which saw members agree to abandon the policy of abstentionism and take seats in the Dail.
14) For brief but invaluable statements on the ways in which the Workers' Party struggled to transcend the legacy of SP abstentionism around "the Negro Question," in particular the formation of the American Negro Labor Congress in 1925, see James P.
Should this be the response to Race Matthews' eulogy in Arena Magazine of the Fabian Society as the epitome of diversity and political abstentionism, virtually a new anarchist grouping?
Abstentionism, said to have favored the FSLN, was estimated at between 40% and 50%.
Kenney argues that although Kosovar Albanians justly felt provoked and beset by Serbian authorities, their abstentionism quite self-consciously worsened their situation.
There has not been a single forceful public denunciation of the misleadership, craven abstentionism and duplicity of wide sectors of the trade union hierarchy.
My purpose here is not to counsel complete pessimism and abstentionism.
The outcome was an interventionist strategy that sought to subordinate labor law and the trade unions to the government's economic and ideological goals and that marked a sharp rejection of the old abstentionism.