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the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that has passed through a medium that absorbed radiation of certain wavelengths

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Deng, Infrared absorption spectra of pure and magnetized water at elevated temperatures, Europhys.
To confirm this, we have calculated the absorption spectra of our structure at different incident angles and polarizations.
In the current study, Fourier transform infra-red (FTIR) spectroscopy of Industrial (untreated and silane treated) and StickNET GFs was performed to observe and compare the IR absorption spectra of both GFs to assess and compare of a polymerized layer of silane coupling agent on the Industrial GFs which were treated with 8% MPS solution in 98% ethanol.
The near infrared (NIR) absorption spectra for the studied oils are shown in Figure 3.
The UV-Vis absorption spectra and TEM images of five groups of AgNPs synthesized under different glucose concentrations are shown in Figure 4.
The UV-Vis absorption spectra of BPI-P, BPI-T, and DPI-T in CH[Cl.sub.3] solution are depicted in Figure 3, and the characteristic parameters are listed in Table 1.
UV-Visible Absorption Spectra. The absorption spectra of each original and filtered freshwater sample were similar, demonstrating the low level of organic material in the suspended form presented in the original natural water (Figure 1).
The UV-vis absorption spectra of ASA, Tm(III), and its mixture with DNA were measured in the wavelength range of 300 to 800 nm at room temperature.
NIR absorption spectra were recorded to verify differences in the water or oil content of each formulation (Figure 6).
The absorption spectra were measured by using a Jasco V-570 UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer.
The IR and electronic absorption spectra as well as their dependence on temperature that are necessary for the qualitative detection of the higher fullerenes, such as [C.sub.76]-[D.sub.2], the only stable [C.sub.76] isomer of [D.sub.2] symmetry [1-3, 38-61], isolated by the new advanced chromatographic methods [2, 3, 38-45], were studied in the previous works [2, 3, 38-61].
The UV-Vis absorption spectra (solutions and films) were determined on Perkin-Elmer 35 UV/Vis spectrometer.
Then, she lectured about spectroscopy and led the students through some fun, hands-on labs including identifying the make-up of light sources from emission spectra and identifying an unknown plant extract by comparing it to the absorption spectra of two known plant extracts.
UV absorption spectra were recorded in a Specord M42 Carl Zeiss Jena spectrophotometer equipped with thermoelectric cell holder and a temperature controller.
Huber, "Assessment of the coherent potential approximation for the absorption spectra of a one-dimensional Frenkel exciton system with a Gaussian distribution of fluctuations in the optical transition frequency," Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, vol.