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Synonyms for attractor

an entertainer who attracts large audiences

(physics) a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system

a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts

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t,w], which stands for the time needed for a state with VM = w to evolve into the absorbing state and to w, the RTO at window size.
where, i=-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 and k=1,2,3,4, k being the absorbing states.
4*7] refers to the fact that there is no transition from any absorbing state to any transient state.
Inactivity has become a much less absorbing state since the beginning of the Danish labour market reforms in 1994.
The example is shown below using standard Markov chain notation, for a Markov chain with a source term (recruits) and an absorbing state (leavers):
Management is absorbing state aid and cost sharing reductions through operational efficiencies and by reducing headcount by 16 positions predominantly through attrition, which the county estimates will save $900,000 annually.
The county conservatively budgeted sales tax receipts in 2010 and 2011 and management reports adequately absorbing state aid and cost sharing reductions.
Sound budgetary practices, expenditure controls, and significant reserve levels will aid the county in absorbing state fiscal pressures.
The sales model advanced below has both transient states (states that can be both entered and exited) and absorbing states (states that can be entered but not exited).