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Synonyms for absolutism

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Synonyms for absolutism

a political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

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Synonyms for absolutism

dominance through threat of punishment and violence

a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government

the doctrine of an absolute being

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5 measurement expanded absolute standard uncertainty's of all fuel tanks stays around required level [+ or -]0.2% boundary.
Thus, God as the Creator has the right to define absolute standards of behavior.
This produces the ironic result that as baseball, or any sport where measured performance depends on competition among players (rather than an absolute standard), improves its methods of screening out inferior talent, the performance of the best players will appear to decline.
The consequences are clear: America cannot retain as large a disproportion of world GDP as we have today, which will mean more disruptions in our economy and more dislocations in our workforce--though we can adapt and continue to improve our absolute standard of living.
However, due to technical difficulties in fulfilling this RoHS Directive for some components and processes, including optical isolators, which are indispensable components for optical fiber communication systems, an accommodation was made in the RoHS regulations to allow exemptions for such cases and a less absolute standard of regulating lead content to below 1,000 ppm has been planned to be adopted, although it was expected that completely lead-free optical isolators would be developed soon.
After all, market "median" is simply the halfway point in the data--it's not an absolute standard. It's naive to assume that if you pay executives at the 75th percentile, they will deliver 75th percentile performance.
We have argued consistently over the years that there is a difference between applying an absolute standard in a religious setting and getting something done in real-world political arenas where compromise is the working principle.
This is true even for very prosperous countries like the United States that might seem to have "enough." But apparently it isn't the absolute standard of living that matters; it's the sense of progress.
DNA's certitude in authenticating an art object and its documentation through forensic science makes it the absolute standard in art protection."
If God is sovereign, his law as given in the Bible is the absolute standard; if God is an uninterested or helpless bystander and pointless random chemical reactions underlie all of life, God's law is superfluous.
Short of an absolute standard of verification, however, we treat a practice as reliable if it is consistent and accepted by a human community.
But the USP model formulary represents a floor rather than an absolute standard, Mr.
In conjunction with the NIST absolute standard calorimeters, this new system allows NIST to perform accurate power meter calibration over a much larger power range than previously existed at our facility.
''Although the unemployment rate of 4.9% is still high in the absolute standard, the number of employed people is increasing and there is a sign of improvement,'' the official said.