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Synonyms for count





  • include
  • number among
  • take into account or consideration

count on or upon something or someone

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Synonyms for count

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to be of significance or importance

to indicate (time or rhythm), as with repeated gestures or sounds


count on: to place trust or confidence in

count on: to look forward to confidently

count out: to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

a noting of items one by one

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Synonyms for count

a nobleman (in various countries) having rank equal to a British earl

have weight


Related Words

show consideration for

name or recite the numbers in ascending order

put into a group

include as if by counting

Related Words

have a certain value or carry a certain weight

Related Words

have faith or confidence in

take account of

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after birth in babies with neonatal risk factors was 42.6%, absolute neutrophil count <1500/cu mm was observed in only 3.7% babies these findings are in agreement with earlier studies.
The cost of adding CRP to either WBC or absolute neutrophil count is roughly twice that of a complete blood count but does not increase sensitivity significantly, said Dr.
Complete haematological remission (CHR) was defined as absolute neutrophil count (ANC) of 1.0 x 109/L, Platelet count of [greater than or equal to]100,000/ul, bone marrow aspirate with <05% blasts and no extramedullary disease after 1 month of induction therapy.
No statically significant correlation was found between total leukocyte count, and absolute neutrophil count in relation to CD4 counts although counts were lower in patients with CD4 counts <200 and slightly higher in those having higher CD4 counts.
The CBC done in the office shows a white count of 1,000 with an absolute neutrophil count of 200.
BMI: body mass index; CCI: Charlson comorbidity index; NEUT: absolute neutrophil count; LYMPH: absolute value of lymphocyte; HGB: hemoglobin; ALB: serum albumin; CK-MB: creatinine kinase MB; TC: cholesterol; GLU: blood glucose; [Ca.sup.2+]: blood calcium; [P.sup.3+]: blood phosphorus; pkt/v: peritoneal urea clearance index; Kt/v: urine urea clearance index; tkt/v: total urea clearance index.
Finally, another useful tool to consider when using imaging studies to determine whether a patient with an underlying malignancy has fungal sinusitis versus metastatic disease is the patient's absolute neutrophil count. (4) Patients with an absolute neutrophil count <500/microliter are more likely to have a diagnosis of acute invasive fungal sinusitis.
* The IG fraction is comparable to the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) for predicting infection (3)
The figures can be used for checking normality of absolute neutrophil count (ANC) in neonatology departments, especially in India.
Repeat paracentesis was performed after 48 hours of treatment and fluid was checked for absolute neutrophil count. Reduction in neutrophil count [greater than or equal to] of 25% of base line count was considered as positive early response of SBP treatment, same treatment was continued for five days.
The percentage of patients with grade 4 neutropenia was lowered from 59% with Neulasta alone to 38% with the combination and the percentage of patients with an absolute neutrophil count exceeding the upper limit of what is considered normal was lowered from 50% with Neulasta alone to 31% with Neulasta and Plinabulin.
The NLR was calculated by dividing the absolute neutrophil count by the absolute lymphocyte count; similarly, the PLR was calculated by dividing the absolute platelet count by the absolute lymphocyte count.
Laboratory values included leukocyte count of 6.700/[micro]L, absolute neutrophil count of 100/[micro]L, hemoglobin at 9.2 g/dL, a platelet count of 330.000/[micro]L, mean corpuscular volume as 85fL, mean corpuscular hemoglobin at 28 pcg.
Demographic characteristics of the patients with lower respiratory tract infections Infectious patients COPD CAP exacerbation (mean[+ or -]) (mean[+ or -]) WBC (x[10.sup.9]/L) 15.3[+ or -]6.43 9.73[+ or -]2.44 ANC (x109/L) 12.12[+ or -]6.35 7.3[+ or -]1.97 CRP (mg/L) 149[+ or -]117 19.5[+ or -]26.3 PCT (ng/mL) 4.26[+ or -]11.97 0.206[+ or -]0.397 Control p WBC (x[10.sup.9]/L) 6.75[+ or -]2.11 <0.001 ANC (x109/L) 3.2[+ or -]1.73 <0.001 CRP (mg/L) 3[+ or -]1.16 <0.001 PCT (ng/mL) 0.042[+ or -]2.12 <0.001 ANC: absolute neutrophil count; COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CRP: C-reactive protein; PCT: pro-calcitonin; WBC: white blood cell Table 3.