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To the solution of 5 (0.01 mole) in absolute ethanol, different aromatic aldehydes (0.01 mole) were added and then glacial acetic acid (1 ml) was added to the reaction mixture which refluxed for 15 h (TLC).
N-(6-fuorobenzothiazol-2-yl)hydrazine carboxamide (0.02 mole) 5.21 g was dissolved in absolute ethanol, and substituted benzaldehyde (0.02 mole) 2.40 g was added and refuxed for 3 h, and then the solvent was removed under reduced pressure to yield Schif base.
1.0 mmol of Hydrazide (compound-3) obtained in the previous step was treated with 1.0 mmol of each aldehyde in absolute ethanol (10 ml), 1-2 drops of glacial acetic acid were added and reflux the mixture with continuous stirring for 4-5 h.
The crude material was recrystallized twice from absolute ethanol to obtain 1.11 g pure product 5b, yield 81.3 %.
Subsequently, 325 [micro]l of binding buffer and 325 [micro]l of absolute ethanol were admixed to the lysates and centrifuged at a speed of 8000 rotation per min (rpm) for 1 min in a combined high pure filter and collection tube.
Ehrenstorfer, Augsburg, Germany), the preweighed amounts of these pesticides were dissolved in absolute ethanol. All these solutions were sonicated and stored in dark brown bottles at 4[degrees]C when not in use.
The precipitate was filtered, washed with absolute ethanol, dried, and recrystallized from a mixture of absolute ethanol and methanol.
In this study, we describe our experience in treating VMs of the oral cavity and the oropharynx with percutaneous injections of absolute ethanol.
It could be seen that the extraction yield of water was the highest (2.80 g/100 g dry weight) and the extraction yield of absolute ethanol was the lowest (0.53 g/100g dry weight).
[6] conducted preparation on the surface of 2024 aluminum alloys by immersing method in the TDT solutions using mixtures of absolute ethanol with different volume ratios as the solvents.
It is difficult to obtain the 99% ethanol used as a sclerosant in China because the absolute ethanol production has been disrupted for four years, and hospital-made absolute ethanol cannot obtain the registered document of approval.
Determinations were based on a standard curve drawn by measuring the refractive indices of absolute ethanol solutions (0, 5,10,15, 20, 25, and 30%) in distilled water.
The solution of Ti[O.sub.2] was prepared with 0.03 mol of Ti[(O[C.sub.3][H.sub.7]).sup.4] precursor that was first dissolved in 200 mL of absolute ethanol and mixed later with a mixture of water-ethanol 30% v/v, whose pH was adjusted at 1.25 with hydrochloric acid.
Water extracted half of extractable solids in comparison with absolute methanol, whereas absolute ethanol and absolute acetone only extracted ~25% of extractable solids extracted by absolute methanol.
After disinfection of the skin and the use of anesthetic sprayed locally, using sonographic guidance, a 20-22-gauge needle is inserted into the cyst; after drainage of the almost total amount of cystic fluid, absolute ethanol is instilled to spread within the cyst.
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