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However, in the cases of Do et al [23], who found that the highest TPC and TFC was obtained in the absolute ethanol extract compared to the water solvent, and Sun et al [27], who suggested that 75% ethanol/water solvent can be the best extraction solvent for phenolic compounds in propolis, could be explained by the differences about the presence and position of hydroxyl groups, and the molecular size and the length of constituent hydrocarbon chains [23].
The microspheres were maintained in solution from 1 to 7 days to achieve the highest ions content inside, were then filtered and subsequently washed with absolute ethanol, to eliminate the aqueous solution, which causes the formation of aggregates.
2]O] dissolved in absolute ethanol were added slowly after which 2 drops of TEA was added.
1]) (Table 1) or absolute ethanol (control) were applied to disks of filter paper (5 cm diam) with a precision micro-syringe (Hamilton 1 mL), and left for 10 min at 25 [+ or -] 1 [degrees]C to evaporate the solvent.
The most active absolute ethanol extracts (Soxhlet method) were those of the plant roots and leaves, resulting in fungal growth inhibition diameters of 40 and 37 mm, respectively (Table 1, Treatment no.
For ethanol precipitation, cold absolute ethanol was added to the crude extract (1[V.
The samples were stored in absolute ethanol (12) for 24 h at room temperature.
Treatment of compound 1 with hydrazine hydrate or phenyl hydrazine in absolute ethanol afforded indazole derivatives 2a-b in a one-pot reaction.
A retention time and a standard curve of absolute ethanol in water solutions (0-2400 mg L-1) were both used for peak identification and quantification.
The fractions containing glycosaminoglycans, as indicated by the uronic acid dosage, were gathered and precipitated with 3 volumes of absolute ethanol.
Numerous bronchoscopic procedures have been reported in the literature for the management of small BPF, ranging from the use of glue (3), absolute ethanol (4) to bronchial blockade (5) and stents (6).
5% sodium hypochlorite, Biopure MTAD, absolute ethanol, Enterococcus faecalis (ATCC 29212), Candida albicans (ATCC 10231) culture were the materials used in this study.
Absolute ethanol and methanol were obtained from Merck, Germany.
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