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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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Then the median absolute deviations of the coefficient in each direction were computed.
In order to alleviate this problem, the proposed technique allocates machines based on the highest median absolute deviation (MAD).
The range of absolute deviation angles between the anatomical axis and the horizontal axis was 0-24.4[degrees], and the mean absolute deviation was 7.14[+ or -]3.95[degrees].
r2 denotes the correlation coefficient, bias denotes the relative deviation, and ab_bias denotes the absolute deviation. For all samples, the correlation coefficients of M2, M3, and M4 between PMCS and OTT are greater than 0.9, and the relative deviation increases with the increase of moment order; M1 has the minimum relative deviation 0.9%, and the absolute deviations of M1, M2, and M3 between PMCS and OTT are relatively small, less than 30%.
Positive correlation with the advancing CIN grade (r > 0.3) displayed those dwt2 features that evaluate the mean and median of the H-image (dwt2H Mean Value and dwt2H Median Value), and negative correlations displayed those that evaluate the mean and the median of the absolute deviation (dwt2H Mean Absolute Deviation and dwt2H Median Absolute Deviation) (Table 3).
In this section we introduce another workable choice of the first-order distance, and then discuss the feasibilities of other candidates such as the least absolute deviation and least square method.
(b) Absolute deviation of the estimated number of soft QCD particles from the corresponding true value, normalised to the true number of signal particles, [[??].sub.b] - [n.sup.*.sub.b]]/[n.sup.*.sub.s], as a function of particles y and [p.sub.T], averaged over the events generated for this study.
With rising correlation, both receiver types, MMSE and ICD/ZF, cause bigger absolute deviation [absolute value of d].
A common approach is to take [??] = MAD/0.6745, where MAD is the median absolute deviation. Despite having the best possible breakout point of 50%, the MAD is not without its weaknesses.
To identify the best one, three error determinants, namely, mean absolute deviation (MAD), Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE), and mean square deviation (MSD), are calculated.
In this work both screen plots and statistics based on the median absolute deviation about the median (MAD) were used to find outliers that could represent pollution sources.
The predicted wind speed and absolute deviation for estimated and measured value of wind speed by five numerical methods are also shown in Table 1.
Feature extraction is done using SWT, the features that are extracted are energy, entropy, mean absolute deviation and standard deviation.
Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD/ mean) and Median Absolute Deviation (MAD/median) were calculated to assess the degree of data dispersion.