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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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In this section we introduce another workable choice of the first-order distance, and then discuss the feasibilities of other candidates such as the least absolute deviation and least square method.
Weng, "An improved dynamic programming algorithm for the single-machine mean absolute deviation problem with a restrictive common due date," Operations Research Letters, vol.
First, the two specifications that use a matched comparison group have much lower estimator bias: the mean absolute deviation values are .
2] (CV), mean absolute deviation, and relative error values calculated for 83 polymers are tabulated in Table 2.
2 Mean Absolute Deviation Index (MADI) The Mean Absolute Deviation Index ( ) has been used in this study for the comparison between the probability distribution for fitting the data.
2011) in the Chinese and Indian stock markets by employing the Cross Sectional Absolute Deviation (CSAD) approach proposed by Tan, Chiang, Mason and Nelling (2008) to measure herding behaviour.
To test formally for adequacy of trends we use a nonparametric Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) test (Hussain M A and Ansari M.
a) the absolute total price deviation (ATPD), which is the sum, over all transactions in a period i, of the absolute deviations of prices ([P.
The mean absolute deviation describes the variability of a particular indicator such as a cultural dimension within the particular group such as the regions of a country.
Senouci and Adeli (2001) recommended a neural dynamics model that is based on the minimization of the absolute deviation between daily resource usage.
Average absolute deviation percentage in the average contaminant concentration of the previous cases because of the change of the spill location is 5% with maximum deviation percentage of 1%.
Inventory Deviation (DINV), the other dependent variable, is the mean absolute deviation for a state to the inventory mean of all states during a particular year.
The recovery of soil OC within the fractions was calculated as a percentage (Eqn 14) and an absolute deviation (Eqn 15), where POC, HOC, ROC, and OC are all expressed in units of g C/kg soil:
The Egyptian top diplomat strongly criticized the EU's failure to condemn such acts "which amount to an absolute deviation from peacefulness.
He strongly criticized the international community for remaining silent rather than denouncing such criminal acts, which amount to an absolute deviation from peacefulness.