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(medicine) a reason that makes it inadvisable to prescribe a particular drug or employ a particular procedure or treatment

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In summary, these results suggest that a history of cerebral hemorrhage is not an absolute contraindication for thrombolytic therapy.
The prophylaxis was considered as inappropriate if patient was given a pharmacologic prophylaxis while he/she was not eligible or with an absolute contraindication or if he/she was not given it while it was indicated and not contraindicated for it.
There are absolute contraindications to fibroid embolization including a viable pregnancy, active uterine infection, and uterine or ovarian malignancy unless performed for palliation or as an adjunct to surgery (2).
However, with a greater acceptance of using marginal donor kidney, the presence of hydronephrotic kidney is no longer an absolute contraindication to kidney donation, which may lead to impossibility to perform ureterocystostomy.
Giesser, although she says it's not considered "an absolute contraindication."
Patient refusal is an absolute contraindication because consent is necessary (Chawla, 2013; Sawhney, 2012).
The World Health Organization reported that joint manipulation in patients with RA is an absolute contraindication in anatomical regions of involvement.
Being HIV-positive is an absolute contraindication to renal transplantation.
(13) While most assuredly an indication for specialist referral, the concept of prostate cancer being an absolute contraindication to TST is currently being challenged.
* Significant diabetic retinopathy is an absolute contraindication for all elective refractive surgery as it can accelerate the progression of the disease with sight-threatening consequences (4,5)
These findings led the World Health Organization and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to regard migraine with aura as an "absolute contraindication" against the use of combined oral contraceptives, Dr.
Several studies including a meta-analysis have shown the increase in overall survival rate of patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with PV thrombosis, which was earlier thought to be an absolute contraindication for TACE.
Deep sub gingival preparation: not an absolute contraindication, but be avoided.
Although there is a consensus that overt intra-amniotic infection is an absolute contraindication to cerclage, the implications of subclinical intra-amniotic infection in asymptomatic women are unclear.
Consequently, researchers concluded that in selected cases, PBMV under TEE guidance was safe and thrombus restricted to the LAA is not an absolute contraindication to the procedure.