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a real number regardless of its sign

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After finding the unknown variables [a.sub.i], [a.sub.R,i] da [a.sub.X,i] it is possible to determine the values of the total resistivity of the Fricke replacement circuit, the active and reactive components of the total resistivity in absolute values as a function of frequency:
The problem (3) is called the absolute value variational inequality, which is a special form of the mildly nonlinear variational inequalities [11].
Take, for example, absolute value. In many of today's textbooks, the students are given |x|, where x is any real number, and asked to find the absolute value of x.
where [M.sub.[absolute value of max]] denotes that eigenvalue of M, which has the maximum absolute value (and analogously for [M.sub.[absolute value of min]]); symbol [M.sup.*] denotes deviatoric part of M; absolute values of ISO, CLVD and DC range in interval <0,1>.
Since [[mu].sub.c], [[mu].sub.s] are undistinguishable by the sizes of their absolute values, the idea of Stewart[ 17] was to store a new constant, namely,
The Church's point, of course, is that these teachings are not just foibles for Catholics only but are absolute values based on the natural moral law which is obligatory for all people.
Within those walls, people benefited from knowing that there were absolute values.
Moreover, the absolute values of these ratios (e.g., 8.7, 10.5, 12.2) also have come to be viewed and overvalued as a reserve adequacy gauge, as though someone "knows" what appropriate survival ratios should be.