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Synonyms for sale


for sale

on sale


  • going cheap
  • reduced
  • at a discount
  • at a reduced price

Synonyms for sale

a particular instance of selling

the general activity of selling

the state of being purchasable

Related Words

an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer)

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No high correlations and only three modest correlations are displayed, namely between absolute growth in employees and absolute sales growth, between absolute growth in employees and employees growth rate, as well as between ROE and ROA.
Then there are absolute sales, where offers can begin at any amount and the property sells to the highest bidder, creating tremendous excitement in the crowd.
One of the results of rebuilding engineering locally was the EcoSport, a sport utility vehicle designed completely in Brazil and an absolute sales success.
But analysts caution that absolute sales are still small - just 722,000 saloons last year --when compared with the giant US, European and Japanese markets.
Referring to retail sales, Barnard says he's forecasting a "respectable" albeit "unspectacular" holiday season in which retailers will improve on the absolute sales numbers of 1999 but won't quite match the rate of growth.
Davidsson, Kirchhoff, Hatemi-J, & Gustavsson, 2002; Davila, Foster, & Gupta, 2003; Wing & Yiu, 1996), absolute sales growth (e.
Tape/bandage/gauze/cotton is among the most mature segments of first aid and one where private label is featured prominently, and those factors make absolute sales gains difficult to achieve.
While small in absolute sales numbers, housewares is an important category for chain drug stores because of the role it plays in helping them merchandise to the critical baby boomer market.