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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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As a registered voter, you may obtain an absentee ballot if you are age 60 or older; physically unable to attend the polls without the assistance of another; expecting to be absent from the community in which you are registered for the entire time the polls will be open on Election Day; in jail awaiting arraignment or trial; unable to attend the polls due to religious reasons or will be working as an election inspector in a precinct outside of your precinct of residence.
In a close election, the media may report that the outcome cannot be announced until after the absentee ballots are counted.
Rushford said Wednesday that so far this year, 1,200 absentee ballots have been received in the city with votes cast.
However, the credit union ignored that advice and mailed more than 15,000 absentee ballots to members anyway.
The actual number of expatriate ballots cast ahead of the election day on Tuesday are not known because absentee ballots are sent to each expat's home state for counting before the end of election day.
702 would prohibit a state from certifying general election results until absentee ballots were collected from uniformed services voters and delivered to election officials.
Several tens of thousands of Self-Defense Forces personnel will vote in nationwide local government elections this month by absentee ballot as they have been deployed in areas severely damaged by the March 11 mega earthquake and ensuing tsunami, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.
The new federal law also requires each state to designate at least one means of electronic communication fax or e-mail--to handle voter registration and absentee ballot applications, to provide election and voting information and to send blank ballots overseas.
Embassy in Buenos Aires, the American Citizen Services unit staged the event to provide voters with a taste of home and encourage them to cast their absentee ballots in time for the embassy to forward them to the United States for counting.
Completed absentee ballots must be received at TNA headquarters by the close of business on October 9, 2008.
If the majority holds up when the absentee ballots are counted, fees will be applied to new construction as of July 1 and are estimated to create an extra $3.
The article went on to say that authorities believed he had applied for 200 absentee ballots and submitted 98 ballots in the Democratic primary.
The League has partnered with the Overseas Vote Foundation to enable military and overseas voters to register to vote and request absentee ballots.
Once absentee ballots are available for voting, an absentee voter may receive and return the ballot in person at the county board of elections office, or receive and return the absentee ballot by U.