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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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If the majority holds up when the absentee ballots are counted, fees will be applied to new construction as of July 1 and are estimated to create an extra $3.4 million in revenue for the city.
VOTE411 provides both general and state-specific data on such items as voter registration and absentee ballot rules, early voting provisions, ID requirements, voting machine types, tools for overseas citizens, and contact information for elections officials.
You can now request an absentee ballot without stating a reason.
APHA is advising Annual Meeting participants to cast their votes via absentee ballots to be sure that their opinions are counted.
Each unit has a voting assistance officer, and they are the primary points of contact for servicemembers casting absentee ballots.
* King County election officials admitted in sworn depositions that they deliberately submitted misleading absentee ballot reconciliation reports--the reports that reconcile the number of voters with the number of ballots cast.
- April 16-May 20: IFE will send absentee ballots to specified addresses.
In Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, author John Fund tours national voter fraud scandals from rural states to big cities, detailing how fraud happens, how vote brokers steal elections, and how absentee ballots are abused.
In mid-August, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert revealed that the state was investigating get-out-the-vote drives among blacks in Orlando by sending armed police officers into the homes of citizens who had filed absentee ballots. Most of these citizens were African American, and many were elderly.
Instead, he should concentrate on being sure that the military does indeed pick up and deliver secret absentee ballots promptly.
The US state of Missouri has announced that it will allow members of the military stationed overseas to complete their absentee ballots, then scan and e-mail them to the Department of Defense, which has prompted Internet security experts to express concerns about fraud and ballot secrecy.
WASHINGTON -- Absentee ballots from service members overseas will move faster and with greater control for the 2004 elections, Department of Defense and Postal Service officials said in June.
Those entitled to cast absentee ballots are people who cannot vote on election day.
Absentee ballots can be obtained by a request in writing to National Conference of Editorial Writers, 6223 Executive Boulevard, Rockville MD 20852.
And even if the referendum were legal, Jarolimek says producers have stepped forward with examples of being given wrong voting materials, failing to post lists of producers who requested absentee ballots and failing to post lists of producers who voted in person, which resulted in disqualification of voters without their knowledge.