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Synonyms for existence

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Synonyms for existence

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

the period during which someone or something exists

one that exists independently

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Synonyms for existence

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David Bartlett, the new Minister for Education, has restored credible leadership following controversy over the Essential Learnings curriculum in 2005, but absense of a cross-sectoral group to provide strong leadership limits the likelihood of successful reform.
But even if you're a supreme wordsmith and love to read about comma splices and the like, Gilad tries to make it all extra scintillating when it's really not, and her jokes fall very, very flat: never absense or abcense, or someone may suspect you of having too much absinthe.
In a separate series of experiments to test the effects of AR blockade on cell growth, control and CAsE-PE cells were grown in steroid-depleted media for 48 hr then fed fresh steroid-depleted media with or without the antiandrogen flutamide (5 [micro]g/mL; Sigma) in the absense or presence of DHT (0.1 [micro]M).
In the absense of specific FDA definitions, the Department of Agriculture in December issued an interim policy that applies to meat and poultry.
"But in the absense of hard information on that point, clearly it's my duty to keep pressing to get these things on the record, and I am going to do that."
Stewart Clanachan marked his 300th appearance and took a right midfield role in the absense of winger Barry Curran, with Ian McCoosh dropping back to defence.
The Bloomberg Administration says it will study ways to make recycling more efficient and economical during its interim absense. While that's going on, union leaders say, hundreds of recycling workers are expected to lose their jobs.
One of the most peculiar omissions in a book entitled dust is the absense of any attention to our increasing awareness of the dangers of the dust created by deteriorating lead paint in homes with small children.
If, for instance, the objective is to develop a corps of NCOs who are capable of assuming at least platoon command in the absense of an officer, and there are about 2000 NCOs in the host nation army, then in lieu of any other training, an SQA quota of 5 students per year is too small to make a difference.
In it she is almost defiantly fanciful and uncomprehending of an event which, in the absense of traditional customs, does indeed seem freakish and bizarre:
There is little difference here, except for the absense of nostalgia.
Now, Israel's strategic role would have an added economic dimension, the one that lies under Shimon Peres' vision for a "new Middle East." Stability, defined as the absense of war, a Pax Americana (not to be confused with a just peace) would provide a suitable environment to push America's globalization scheme.
This, and more, spells out the coming of age of Tadzio [Death in Venice], "lovely new boy-beast [who] steps into the old man's absense" (p.
"In the absense of a class action," he said, "the defendants will retain the benefits of their wrongdoing."
In the absense of this knowledge, they tend to practice and prescribe more conservatively."