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a defect in brain development resulting in small or missing brain hemispheres

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In fact, this activity is so fundamental to life that most nations now define death not by the absence of heartbeat or respiration, but by the absence of brain electrical activity.
In the absence of brain tissue hemiation, surgical repair of the leak site in the dura can be performed conveniently via a transmastoid approach.
In our case, the absence of brain tissue did not allow immunohistochemical staining or in situ hybridization.
The number, ranging from zero to 100 (zero denoting absence of brain activity and 100 indicating a conscious patient), can be used by clinicians, in conjunction with other vital signs, to achieve optimal anesthesia delivery.
In the absence of brain temperature monitoring, detection of a 'brain fever' may be limited.
The other four medical criteria are flat brain waves indicating an absence of brain activity, a deep coma, loss of seven brain stem reflexes and cessation of natural breathing, according to the Organ Transplant Law.
Under the present law, brain death can be established only on the basis of two tests which fulfill five legal criteria-flat brain waves showing absence of brain activity, a state of deep coma, absence of pupil movement, the loss of seven brain stem reflexes, and cessation of natural breathing.