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Synonyms for crow




Synonyms for crow

to talk with excessive pride

to feel or express an uplifting joy over a success or victory

Words related to crow

black birds having a raucous call

the cry of a cock (or an imitation of it)

a member of the Siouan people formerly living in eastern Montana

Related Words

a small quadrilateral constellation in the southern hemisphere near Virgo


a Siouan language spoken by the Crow

express pleasure verbally

utter shrill sounds

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Horseback transect index--Gaab's (1948, 1949, 1950) 177 km transect in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness was re-run 34 times to develop an index of moose abundance during the years 1985-2001 (Fig.
NASDAQ: SPU)(together with its direct and indirect subsidiaries, "SkyPeople" or the "Company"), a producer of fruit juice concentrates, fruit beverages and other fruit related products, in the People's Republic of China ("PRC" or "China"), and Absaroka Capital Management, LLC, a private investment management firm, and its principal Kevin Barnes (together, "Absaroka")(together with the Company, the "Parties") today announced that they reached an out-of-court settlement of litigation in the U.
With his latest novel, Craig Johnson, former New York beat cop and Spur Award winner, reprises Walt Longmire, the popular sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming.
The North Absaroka Wilderness management plan," said Mealey, "directed us to control-that means put out-all fires unless the fire can be confined to less than 500 acres or the burning indices averaged 20 or less for the previous couple of weeks.
On May 18, 2011, an equity analyst at Absaroka Capital Management issued a report asserting that Yongye International had engaged in undisclosed self-dealing transactions through its purchase of a $34.
Nasdaq: LIWA) ("Lihua" or the "Company"), a leading Chinese developer, designer, and manufacturer of low cost, high quality alternatives to pure copper products, including refined copper products and superfine and magnet wire, as well as copper clad aluminum ("CCA") wire, today provided a recap of the investor and analyst conference call held on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, to address allegations made against the Company by Absaroka Capital Management ("Absaroka") in a report issued August 1, 2011 ("the Absaroka Report").
Absaroka Capital Management, LLC has published an Open Letter to Current Shareholders and Potential Investors in China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc.
Eastern Time to address investor and analyst questions related to the report published by Absaroka Capital Management on Aug.
WYZ002-009>O10 Absaroka Mountains--Bighorn Mountains
SWEEPING GRASSLANDS, browned by the summer sun, lead to the foothills of the Absaroka Range in Montana's aptly named Paradise Valley.
Sitting on a mountain top in the Absaroka Range west of Meeteetse, Wyoming, in August 1999, I couldn't help but ponder what a friend had said.
Bordering the Yellowstone River and Absaroka Mountains to the east, the Gallatin National Forest to the west, and just 46 miles from Yellowstone National Park, Ameya Preserve sits on nearly 11,000 acres, with 90% to be set aside as open space.
NASDAQ: SPU) (together with is direct and indirect subsidiaries, "SkyPeople" or the "Company"), a processor and manufacturer of kiwifruit, apple, pear and other concentrated specialty fruit juices and manufacturer of Hedetang and Qin Mei Duo-branded fruit beverages in the People's Republic of China ("PRC" or "China"), today announced the filing of a defamation lawsuit against Absaroka Capital Management LLC ("Absaroka Capital") and its analyst, Kevin Barnes.