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a mountainous region of central Italy on the Adriatic

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30 /PRNewswire/ -- Marquee Selections is proud to announce the addition of Abruzzi Distributing to the team of Marquee distributors
Second World War pilot Ian Fraser, who torpedoed the Abruzzi (below left) in |an Albacore bomber (below right)
Italian cruiser Abruzzi which was torpedoed by Solihull pilot Ian Fraser in his Albacore torpedo bomber, right
Ideally, Abruzzi might prefer softer ground and a bit further but his bumper form was on good ground and given the form of his yard, the 16-1 is well worth chancing.
A mountainous terrain difficult to travel to and cross, half of the Abruzzi "is occupied by a national park protected by the state since 1872" (Kostioukovitch 245).
More recently, Pope Benedict XVI visited Celestine's tomb in Abruzzi, Italy, in 2009 and left at the saint's tomb the woolen pallium he received when he was inaugurated as pope.
Abruzzi is a hilly region on the Adriatic coast of central Italy.
Both boys will be flying out for the first round of competition which will be held at Ortona in the central Italian region of Abruzzi on July 8 and 10 followed by race two at Essay in Normandy, France on August 26 and 28.
Tahereh Sheerazie, a Los Angeles-based landscape designer, who worked with five girls to develop a garden at the Abruzzi School in Shigar in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory, said "calling upon their creative faculties, prodding them to come out of their shells was the successful outcome of my two-month exercise teaching garden design.
ISLAMABAD, August 19, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A long-time dream of the people of Shigar came true with the inauguration of the first environmentally sustainable school - Abruzzi Higher Secondary School - in Shigar by Vincenzo Prati, the Italian Ambassador to Pakistan.
Can't get much more East Coast than an interview with the legendary Sid Abruzzi from Newport, RI, and an article written by Cambridge Pool local Kevin Day.
ANDREA Perrone talks of when he was a child, and his father--a lawyer and the CEO of Brioni Retail--used to bring home customers from South America for lunch or dinner at the family's residence in Abruzzi, Italy.
In terms of the division of labour, Wilson took on the introductory history of the collection, and the entries for Le Marche (excluding Xanto and his acolyte Giulio da Urbino), Umbria, the Abruzzi, Paduan istoriato, Pavia, the first two entries on French items, Asciano, and a few others, plus the slipware and lead-glazed wares, the fakes and doubtful items, and the summary entries on World War n losses, while Thornton looked after the far from inconsiderable rest.
MSC Cruises announced the MSC Cruceros Cup indoor soccer tournament to benefit victims of the earthquakes in Abruzzi, Italy, as part of the celebrations welcoming the MSC Splendida to the lineOs fleet.
If the certificates were real, the fine alone would amount to US$ 38 billion, five times the estimated cost of rebuilding quake-devastated Abruzzi region.