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Bolivia cuenta con aproximadamente 20 especies de mamiferos endemicos, 18 de los cuales son roedores (Tarifa y Aguirre, 2009) y entre ellos se encuentra Abrocoma boliviensis (Rodentia: Hystricognathi: Abrocomidae).
En Bolivia se tienen registros de dos especies de esta familia, Abrocoma boliviensis y Abrocoma cinerea (Anderson, 1997; Salazar-Bravo et al.
En 2008 y 2009, como parte de evaluaciones de fauna a cargo del Museo de Historia Natural "Alcide d'Orbigny" en localidades de los departamentos de Potosi y Chuquisaca, se obtuvieron dos registros de Abrocoma boliviensis.
2013), and other median and large rodents such as Phyllotis darwini (Waterhouse, 1837) (24%) and Abrocoma bennetti Waterhouse, 1837 (12.
The diet of this raptor in the Atacama Desert is primarily composed of smaller mammals of the genus Eligmodontia, followed by Phyllotys darwini and Abrocoma bennetti.
Valladares P, Campos C (2012) New record of Abrocoma bennetti murrayi (Rodentia, Abrocomidae) from the Atacama region.
Other species lacking numerical responses such as Abrocoma bennetti appeared to have greater survival or persistence in predator exclusion grids.
The diurnal, highly social degu as well as the larger, crepuscular/nocturnal Abrocoma bennetti may be more susceptible to fox predation, and the latter species was also overrepresented in nocturnal owl diets (Jaksic et al.
The South American endemic genus Abrocoma (family Abrocomidae) is distributed from Peru, Bolivia and north of Chile to Mendoza Province in central-west Argentina (Braun and Mares, 2002; Musser and Carleton, 2005).
el que representa un mayor numero de individuos representados (MNI=3), aunque comparte con Abrocoma bennetti el mismo porcentaje de muestras representadas (NISP=0,7%).
With the exception of a few studies of Abrocoma vaccarum from Argentina and Abrocoma bennetti from Chile (Braun and Mares, 1996), the natural history of abrocomids is poorly known.
oblativus [= Abrocoma oblativa] long considered extinct (Eaton, 1916), but possibly still extant (Emmons, 1999).
The small mammals of Sach'a Loma have been studied by Vargas (2001) and Moya (2003), and in both studies Abrocoma sp.
The story of Abrocomas and Antheia is the story of the adventures and misfortunes of a pair of married lovers.