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a shortened version of a written work

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Thrillingly this was the only shop in the village that sold two precious commodities: Airfix models and, between hard covers, abridged versions of children's classics.
Ratner said that the complete standards of care are appropriate for endocrinologists and others who focus on diabetes management, while the abridged version is a resource for primary care providers who may see some patients with diabetes in the mix of their caseload.
Actors from the Reduced Shakespeare Company as they perform an abridged version of the William Shakespeare's works at 37,000ft
And in putting together the abridged version, the goal was to pretty much clean things up.
The new location of the restaurant chain offers an abridged version of its regular menu to passengers at the airport.
Now, 19 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, an abridged version of his book will be required reading in Russian high schools, with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's blessing.
The online version of the abridged version of this paper has been revised to reflect these corrections.
For a shorter abridged version of the highlights (9780142427750, $29.
NZNO will present an abridged version of Brinkman's report into CTA funding for post-registration nursing education.
The company behind the abridged version have given the similar treatment to the six episodes in the Star Wars saga and joked that the next project should be the many "generations" of Star Trek.
The story is an abridged version of an Arthur Ransome story, which he himself adapted from a Russian fairy tale.
95) is a abridged version fueled by the experienced voice of Richard Ferrone, an award-winning narrator of hundreds of successful audios.
According to the Guardian, an abridged version of The Blythes Are Quoted was published in 1974.
The abridged version certainly condenses paragraphs and occasionally omits two or three pages.
This abridged version highlights the most important elements in the report leaving out the details that explain the research supporting the findings guiding our recommendations.