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a shortened version of a written work

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One was that focusing on a certain theme helped finding scenes to remove and keep for the abridged version. The other was that doing so would put the script into a new perspective.
Thrillingly this was the only shop in the village that sold two precious commodities: Airfix models and, between hard covers, abridged versions of children's classics.
| THIS is an abridged version of an article first published in the final edition of Natur Cymru -Nature of Wales new
There are minor editing inconsistencies, such as the occasional reference to chapters not present in this abridged version, however the inclusion of chapter titles in the text ensure that the vigilant reader will still be able to locate the correct information within this edition.
Personally, I enjoy all the little detail of the original tales, but I have nothing against abridged versions; thanks to the simplicity of the text and its visual support, this is the kind of book that children can read happily independently in one sitting, following which they are likely to become inspired to reach for more classic tales, too.
Ratner said that the complete standards of care are appropriate for endocrinologists and others who focus on diabetes management, while the abridged version is a resource for primary care providers who may see some patients with diabetes in the mix of their caseload.
The abridged version includes all the favorite characters and dances - including "Waltz of the Flowers." General admission is free, but if you wish to reserve seats, go to the studio, 380 W.
Kylycdaroy-lu went on to claim that thanks to the abridged version of Hamurcu's testimony and government intimidation, key figures, including Euzhaseki, escaped corruption convictions.
Sue staged an abridged version of Under Milk Wood for the Saltburn Festival and returns with a full version of the play this autumn.
Also available in an abridged version, The Aeneid the unabridged audiobook rendition of the masterpiece by Rome's greatest poet, Virgil.
Macbeth (May 14) is the first of a brace of Shakespeare productions to grace the Washington stage - in an abridged version which is unlikely to stint on madness and death.
PERFORMING the complete, abridged version of Shakespeare's works at 37,000 feet isn't bard by anyone's standards.
The Reduced Shakespeare Company attempted to set a world record when it performed an abridged version of the playwright's works at 37,000ft aboard EASYJET flight from Gatwick to Veronay.
An appendix presents an abridged version of Buckland's manifesto.
YOUR VERSE Apple's latest TV ad, 'Your Verse Anthem' is a stunning montage of images and landscapes set to a Robin Williams voiceover from Dead Poets Society, his measured delivery of an abridged version of Walt Whitman's "O Me!