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Synonyms for abbreviation

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a shortened form of a word or phrase

shortening something by omitting parts of it

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Ordre Site name Abrev. Latitude ([degrees]) 1 Harrouch HA 37[degrees]09'N 2 Khroub KH 36[degrees]55'N 3 Setif SE 36[degrees]12'N 4 Sidi Bel Abbes SB 35[degrees]02'N 5 Sai'da SA 34[degrees]03'N Ordre longitude Altitude Rain ([degrees]) (m) (mm) 1 8[degrees]67'E 132 674.0 2 6[degrees]65'E 640 520.0 3 5[degrees]24'E 1081 417.0 4 0[degrees]3'W 554 418.1 5 0[degrees]8'W 1013 467.8 Table 2: Pedigree of the durum wheat breeding lines and cultivars evaluated at the five experimental sites during the 2009/2010.
Table 1 Designation and description of the 12 behavioral patterns measured together with the three behavioral categories used and the Total behaviors Display Behaviors Categories Abrev. Behavior Explanation Appropriate Display HD Horizontal Horizontal axis movement, Components (ADC) Display with open operculum and with pectoral, dorsal and caudal fins opened.