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Synonyms for sandpaper

stiff paper coated with powdered emery or sand

rub with sandpaper


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This is supported by the fact that if the continuous sliding test of FeCrSiB-basalt coating was repeated without cleaning the ring by abrasive paper then the wear rate of the coating was decreased.
For a given composition, four different surface preparations were used; they are: Sand Blasted--SB (600 [micro]m SiC particles), Belt Ground--BG (SiC abrasive paper of grade 80), Paper Polished--PP (SiC abrasive paper of grade 600) and Diamond Polished--DP (0.
When the coat has dried, remove any lumps or specks with fine abrasive paper and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth dampened with white spirit.
For best results try to smooth plaster down when it is wet,otherwise you'llneed to use a power sander or abrasive paper on it when it is dry.
ARUB the burn with a wet piece of wet-and-dry abrasive paper.
Take steps to catch any drips, then clean up the surrounding pipe area withfine abrasive paper or wire wood.
At the minimum, you'll need a ballpein hammer, a small countersink, a couple of coarse and fine files, some abrasive paper and a block of wood to back it with.
When the filler has hardened, rub it down with medium-grade abrasive paper.
Upon completion of the lapping process, the surface is dull and must be polished with very fine abrasive paper.
If the paintwork is basically sound - not flaking or blistering - rub it down well with a fine grade abrasive paper.
Test specimens and a zinc calibration standard were mounted on flat metal carrier plates, which were on a continuous-link belt traveling at a constant rate of 2 m/mint The abrasive paper was on a carriage assembly equipped to maintain uniform tension, and mounted to allow the carriage to move freely in either direction.
The blanket cylinder also extends the life of the already rugged imaging cylinder, which doesn't come in contact with abrasive paper surfaces.