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Synonyms for abrasion

Synonyms for abrasion

an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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Similarly, forceful slaps produce a negative imprint, human kicks generate a shoe imprint, and motor vehicle tire treads induce polygonal abrasions or patterned contusions.
A Cochrane Review published in 2006 concluded: "Treating simple corneal abrasions with a patch does not improve healing rates on the first day post-injury and does not reduce pain.
93 abrasions in sandstone showed that some of the beds of Murree |Formation were very tough and hard other beds were comparatively less tough and more abrasive Table-2.
Abrasions can happen even if you don't realise you were scratched with something.
They concluded that sliding on natural grass resulted in more erythema (redness), but fewer abrasions compared with sliding on artificial turf.
The Question: How common are corneal abrasions in young infants, and are they associated with sleeping and crying?
The infected abscesses may also be associated with previous existing turf burns or abrasions.
Paul Ames was treated at Henry Mayo for a broken collarbone and abrasions.
Athletes who play most of their games on artificial turf might be more prone to infection than those who play mainly on grass fields because they experience more skin abrasions similar to rug bums.
The question does not indicate that the problem starts with a rash or other inflammation or skin eruption, so it would seem that the coding should be under abrasions, because the lesions are skin scrapes or tears caused by the resident.
At about the same time, similar abrasions were also found on several local buses used by private bus companies in the cities of Nagano and Hakodate, Hokkaido, and the hubs were replaced, the sources said.
Almost one in 13 soft contact lens wearers in a recent study had abrasions on the cornea severe enough to lead to infections or other problems.
In an abrasion test performed on three leading national spray-on liners and one Pendaliner drop-in model, the spray-on liners withstood an average of 3,133 abrasions before the vehicle sustained body damage.