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Gosteeva MN (1957) Ecological and morphological characteristics of development of Aral Bream, Abramis brama orientalis (Berg).
5-5 min at ND [46] 15-20[degrees]C Anarhichas minor >2 days 40-50 [20] Scophthalmus maximus 600 s 220 [47] Takifugu niphobles 50 s 160 [48] Oncorhynchus mykiss 30 s 220 [49] Abramis brama 20 min ND [21] orientalis Engraulis Japonicus 60 [+ or -] 11 196 [+ or -] 26 Present min at RT result (*) Duration of motility refers to the period of time from activation to complete inactivation where no single sperm is seen to be active.
Family Species Ecological Zoogeographic affinity origin Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpio introduced Abramis brama introduced Tampichthys ipni Primary Neartic Characidae Astyanax mexicanus Primary Neotropical Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatus * Primary Translocated Ictalurus mexicanus Primary Neartic Cichlidae Herichthys Secondary Neotropical pantostictus * Amatitlania Secondary Translocated nigrofasciata * Oreochromis aureus introduced x O.
The prevalence of trypanosomes in bream, Abramis brama in Goslawskie and Goplo lakes.
One possible explanation for the absence of this relationship could be based on the work by Muse, Harris, and Field (2003), which showed an inverted-U relation between stress and performance; and more specifically, the work by Abramis (1994), who presented an inverted-U relation between job insecurity and perceived performance.
Algunos estudios concluyen que los aspectos negativos de las interacciones sociales son mayores predictores de los resultados psicologicos y de salud que los aspectos positivos de estas relaciones (Abbey, Abramis y Caplan, 1985; Fiore, Becker y Copel, 1983; Rook, 1984).
Similar findings were reported by Fisher and Gitelson (1983) and Abramis (1994).
Harris & Schaubroeck, 1988) indicating that ratings from different sources can differ substantially, Abramis (1994), Fisher and Gitelson (1983), and Jackson and Schuler (1985) all grouped correlations according to one or more of the following performance ratings: objective (e.
What better way to get along with customers than humour," says David Abramis, psychologist at California State University, Long Beach.
Host-parasite interface of Diplozoon paradoxum (Monogenea) in naturally infected bream Abramis brama (L).
0 % of the total commercial catch by weight); bream, Abramis brama, (13.
Large cyprinids (mainly common bream Abramis brama) were removed and predatory fish (e.