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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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An embittered Abram eventually came to accept the linkage between the occupation and the looming exams.
This is the kind of journey in which we find Abram and Sarai engaged in the text from Genesis.
In the late evening of November 1, 2003, Judy Abram was playing dominoes with her sisters at her home in San Antonio, Texas, when a man began breaking into the residence through a living room window.
We're bridging the gap between user behaviors and learning behaviors," says Abram.
Abram broke into the former Beatle's mansion in December 1999 and stabbed him 10 times in the chest.
Abram was sent to the Scott Clinic in Rainhill after being cleared of attempted murder on the grounds of insanity.
Health care systems must undergo significant change to deal effectively with mentally ill substance abusers, who often get arrested because police officers can find no local mental-health treatment alternatives for them, Abram and Teplin assert in the October AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST.
With his long time partner and friend Henry Hart Rice, Abram Barkan built James Felt Realty Services into one of the premier real estate service companies based in New York City and active throughout North America.
Mrs Abram said the inquiry had "got to the root of most of the problems" but criticised the decision not to blame individuals or name the doctors who, she says, failed her son.
George was stabbed 10 times in the chest at his luxury home as his wife Olivia tried to fight crazed attacker Michael Abram.
George, 57, and wife Olivia, 52, were savagely attacked by psychotic Michael Abram at their Oxfordshire home, a court heard.
The Genesis story of Abram's frustration and YHWH's promises shows a faithfulness in Abram that is beyond sensibility, praised in a litany of sentences in Hebrews that begin with the words "by faith.
The Elliott Abrams at the beginning of the book has the flavor--the audacity, the drive, and the hint of operating just over his head--of the man we think we know.
Abrams is a partner with Florida-based Ballard Partners, a government affairs firm, where he serves as chair of its public policy team, concentrating on areas of health care policy and government affairs.
Abrams is slated to direct "Star Wars: Episode VII.