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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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In this article, i (7) offer a reading of an event of matangi teka in the patriarchal narrative, the coming of Abram to the land of Canaan, and its impact on the land and on the indigenous people.
Brightside is told in both Abram and Juliette's points of view in alternating chapters.
An embittered Abram eventually came to accept the linkage between the occupation and the looming exams.
This is the kind of journey in which we find Abram and Sarai engaged in the text from Genesis.
A police spokesman later told reporters that no charges were likely to be filed against Abram, since she had acted in self-defense.
Abram and her colleagues report their analyses in the Aug.
We're bridging the gap between user behaviors and learning behaviors," says Abram.
Abram broke into the former Beatle's mansion in December 1999 and stabbed him 10 times in the chest.
Abram was sent to the Scott Clinic in Rainhill after being cleared of attempted murder on the grounds of insanity.
With his long time partner and friend Henry Hart Rice, Abram Barkan built James Felt Realty Services into one of the premier real estate service companies based in New York City and active throughout North America.
28, Dan Abrams, CEO and founder of Abrams Media and chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News, spoke for about 45 minutes on the relationship between lawyers and the media.
McKenzie Elementary School teacher Michael Anthony Abrams on Friday pleaded not guilty in Lane County Circuit Court to a charge of public indecency.
Abrams is slated to direct "Star Wars: Episode VII.
Abrams and business partner Kristen Cook travel around the country on behalf of their clients.
Abrams' name will be familiar to just about every English major of the last half-century, if only because it appears at the top of the spine of each edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, which Abrams created in 1962.