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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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CARL Froch regained his WBC super-middleweight title as he dominated from start to finish to claim a unanimous points victory over Arthur Abraham in Helsinki.
Abrahams also told the Labour selection committee in Richmond, North Yorks, he was a self-employed retail manager when, in fact, he was a property developer and landlord who at the time was being prosecuted by council chiefs for illegally evicting a tenant.
Mr Abrahams, then aged 46, hoped to be elected as the Labour Party candidate for Richmond, North Yorkshire, at the 1992 General Election.
THE children of Abraham have always been a scrappy bunch.
Abrahams said that, while the Manhattan project represents the first ground-up building for ExecuStay, the company had begun consolidating in other high-density markets, such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.
Born in South Africa in 1919, Peter Abrahams fled to Britain to work as a journalist at age 20.
Jeff Ryder, 43, a next-door neighbor of the Abrahams, said other people, including adults and children who might be relatives of the couple, stood outside the home following the incident.
McAlister stated: "Michael Abrahams brings a wealth of professional and financial experience that will be of value to the Company.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Blue Titan Software today announced the addition of Larry Abrahams to its seasoned management team in the position of senior vice president of product development and engineering.
There have been many books written on marketing," said Richard Abrahams, the workbook's author and president of RLA Communications.
In announcing Abrahams admission to the partnership, Steve Clearman, managing general partner said, were delighted to be associated with someone of Johns caliber and experience.
While it might increase their stock price in the short term, companies that are warning consumers about a chip shortage are really crying wolf,'' says Brian Abrahams, director of marketing for VisionTek, based in Gurnee.
Farrah Abraham of MTV's original "Teen Mom" series was arrested for a DUI Monday night in Nebraska, making her one of the network's countless teenage stars who have been in trouble with the law.
But do we not also notice that Abraham runs to Sarah's tent to enlist her special skills in the welcome of the Lord?
According to Abraham, who gained fame for her role on the 2009 MTV reality television show "16 and Pregnant," she underwent rhinoplasty and a received a chin implant on Oct.