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the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac


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In doing so, he was buying time, with the hope that the famine would end before a deal was reached, and by then Abraham and Sarah would be safely on their journey back to the land of Canaan.
Abraham and Sarah, as they are narrated, are figures of a narrative.
The mention of Isaac by name, here and below (22.6-7), laces the story with "laughter"--in a late and cruel twist of irony, it would seem, unless Abraham and Sarah's initial disbelief and subsequent joy are somehow to be absorbed into some still larger comedy.
As if these acts were not enough, Abimelech allowed Abraham and Sarah to remain in the land (vv.
Abraham and Sarah lie and humiliate themselves to try to survive in a foreign nation they had no permission to enter.
In his discussion of Abraham and Sarah in Egypt (Genesis 12, 20-21), Fretheim finds that, while Abraham brings a curse upon the nations through his deceitful behavior, Pharaoh and Abimelech confer blessing upon Abraham and his family.
It also gives no indication that Abraham and Sarah were dwelling together at the period of her death.
Sarah Treem's "Empty Sky" got ands talking about the themes of faith, family and conflict in the play, a modern interpretation of the biblical story of Abraham and Sarah.
Abraham and Sarah receive their divine visitors at midday and respond with expansive hospitality (even before that divinity is recognized).
At a time when we wonder if the lights on our houses too closely resemble the neon that blazes out a message of commerce, a multitude of glowing bulbs reminds me of all the descendants promised Abraham and Sarah.
Having already reimagined the story of God, Abraham and Sarah as an unstable love triangle in the first novel, After These Things goes on to rework the story of Abraham's descendants Isaac and Jacob.
Rebekah marries the son of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac.
Abraham's father, Terach, took part of his family (Abraham and Sarah, and his nephew, Lot) from their birthplace, Ur-Kasdim, to Charan.
Was it well adjusted of Abraham and Sarah to drag their household across a thousand miles of desert for the sake of a voice in a dream?
The story of the Embrace is the biblical tale of Abraham and Sarah; the reason for recounting it is a contemporary urgency to reflect on the deepest human implications erupting from the discovery of monotheism, over and beyond doctrinal teaching and preaching, Christian as well as Jewish.