Abraham's bosom

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the place where the just enjoy the peace of heaven after death

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Whether Falstaff burns in hell or rests in Abraham's bosom remains an unsolved problem in spite of the Hostess.
Abraham's Bosom by Paul Green, the opera Porgy and Bess by DuBose and Dorothy Heyward, The Green Pastures by Marc Connelly, as well as O'Neill's All God's Chillun Got Wings (1923).
Such analysis of a Dutch Calvinist by a British Anglican must surely bring a smile to Kuyper in Abraham's bosom as a vindication of his belief in common grace.
`And Lazarus in his bosom.' Abraham's bosom was the poor man's paradise.
His best-known play, In Abraham's Bosom, concerns a man's attempt to establish a school for his fellow blacks; it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1927.
One of his earliest dramas, In Abraham's Bosom, won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1927, and he went on to write scores of other compositions, among them an adaptation of Richard Wright's novel Native Son for the Broadway stage.
He taught philosophy and dramatic arts at the University of North Carolina and became known for plays set for the most part in North Carolina: The Lord's Will and Other Plays (1925); Lonesome Road: Six Plays for Negro Theater (1926); The Field God and <IR> IN ABRAHAM'S BOSOM </IR> , both of which appeared on Broadway in 1927, the latter winning the Pulitzer Prize; <IR> THE HOUSE OF CONNELLY AND OTHER PLAYS </IR> (1931); Roll Sweet Chariot (Potter's Field, 1934); <IR> NATIVE SON </IR> (with <IR> RICHARD WRIGHT </IR> , 1941); and Peer Gynt (an American version, 1951).