swimming pool

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Synonyms for swimming pool

swimming baths

Synonyms for swimming pool

pool that provides a facility for swimming

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DUDLEY - A drunken driver left a trail of damaged property and truck parts through two towns before crashing his Ford pickup truck into an above-ground swimming pool, fleeing in the woods and then being apprehended, according to a police account.
Founded in 1971 Swimline has grown to be the largest manufacturer of above-ground swimming pool liners in the world.
The boy, Eli Gonzales, stepped into the above-ground swimming pool and was immediately shocked, said the boy's father, Jacobo Gonzales.
When they are not hanging out in their next-door neighbor Carl's above-ground swimming pool, these three are being visited by such creatures as a manic-depressive action figure, a rapping arachnid and annoying visitors from the moon.
He says, "In the warm weather my family spends a lot of time in our above-ground swimming pool and Donna would like us to install an in-ground pool, so now she will get her wish.
Above-ground swimming pools were purchased as shrimp tanks, with five 12-foot pools used as nurseries and water storage tanks, and fourteen pools are used to house the shrimp once they are two months old.