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XXXIX--ARITHMETIC BY ANAGRAM Form a short sentence with the letters above the line in this diagram :--
The announcement follows a competitive pitch process which began in April and will see Quiet Storm, an advertising agency and production company, take on responsibility for above the line creative across all communications channels.
This was associated with reconnaissance aircraft flights over the Sheb Farms and above the line of contact between these farms and Al-Orkoub adjacent villages.
and the observed values above the line (positive residuals) by 1.
Both pitches were based upon a promise to develop ideas that move seamlessly across channels -- from above the line to through the line, and from online to offline," said Azmi Yafi, chief operating officer at Cheil Middle East.
From April next year, it is proposed that even if they are making a loss they will be able to claim a repayable tax credit calculated by placing the sum invested in R&D above the line.
Already boasting value sales of [pounds sterling]2,751 (12) after only six months, the product continues to be supported by an [pounds sterling]12m marketing spend, including an above the line campaign starring TV presenter Vernon Kay.
where the water breaks, above the line where it scrims the shore.
Above the Line, Jennings' instructional model, started as a three-week summer session for 25 of the lowest-performing third-graders in Forrest City, Ark.
1 : a number (as 1/2, 2/3, 17/100) that indicates one or more equal parts of a whole or group and that may be considered as indicating also division of the number above the line by the number below the line
A series of trajectory analyses using DOD-approved explosion software models showed that barricades with a height extending 1 foot above the line of sight between two ammunition stacks will protect adjacent ammunition storage sites from the spread, or propagation, of detonations at one stack.
Thus, for claims in this category, the contingent legal fees are effectively deducted above the line by operation of the relevant Treasury regulation.
Transport bosses today confirmed they have agreed in principle to dispose of the "air space" above the line as far as the bridge at Haldane Terrace, Jesmond, though there are no firm development proposals.
62(a)(19), allowing legal fees in contingency cases to be deductible above the line and, thus, not subject to any of these limits, but only in cases involving claims of unlawful discrimination.
This is not true with a scoped rifle because scope's line of sight lies well above the line of the bore.