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The announcement follows a competitive pitch process which began in April and will see Quiet Storm, an advertising agency and production company, take on responsibility for above the line creative across all communications channels.
Why not use the existing Middlesbrough to Whitby railway line by building piers either side and fitting prefabricated sections of roadway above the line? The sections could be built locally, possibly on the old Berwick Hills allotment site, all work to employ local labour and use local steel.
This was associated with reconnaissance aircraft flights over the Sheb Farms and above the line of contact between these farms and Al-Orkoub adjacent villages.
and the observed values above the line (positive residuals) by 1.75.' should read: '...
"Both pitches were based upon a promise to develop ideas that move seamlessly across channels -- from above the line to through the line, and from online to offline," said Azmi Yafi, chief operating officer at Cheil Middle East.
From April 2013, the Government is planning to introduce a new 'above the line' R&D tax credit that will be available to larger companies regardless of whether they are making a profit or loss.
where the water breaks, above the line where it scrims the shore.
The Time Well Spent creative platform worked across PR, digital marketing and above the line advertising to help people rediscover the simple pleasures in life--from clean, fresh air to the sounds and sights of the great outdoors.
Above the Line, Jennings' instructional model, started as a three-week summer session for 25 of the lowest-performing third-graders in Forrest City, Ark.
New Delhi, April 08 -- The automobile sale shad hit the top gear last year and despite the sales well above the line, the automobile industry expects a growth of around 12 to 13 percent this fiscal as against a growth of nearly 30 percent last year.
He said there was a 38 per cent shortfall in availability at the time but confirmed helicopters were "above the line".
Like Tuition Fees/ University Grants it seems to be the ones in the middle or just above the line that get punished.
Then count the number of boxes that are shaded and place that number in the numerator position (above the line).