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a bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt

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Which naval battle took place between the British and French in Aboukir Bay, Egypt, in 1798?
Although suffering the impact of a severed sea-line of communication, a fact brought about by Admiral Horatio Nelson's brilliant victory at Aboukir Bay, Napoleon nonetheless was able to place military pressure on the Ottoman and coalition forces arrayed against him, winning several critical victories.
The second came the following year, when Nelson's well-trained squadron of 14 ships caught the French fleet at anchor in Aboukir Bay, off the Egyptian coast, and captured or destroyed 11 of the French ships of the line.
But, finding the French fleet in Aboukir Bay on the Nile, Nelson fulfilled his mission.
Detailed descriptions of Rossbach (1757), Belgrade (1789), Valmy (1792), Fleurus (1794), Lodi (1796), Aboukir Bay (1797), and Marengo (1800)--confusingly placed at the start of each chapter rather than where they belong chronologically--brilliantly evoke the drama of these wars and their effect on Europe's future.
Vincent (Cabo de Sao Vicente) (1797); Aboukir Bay (Abu Qir) (1798); Copenhagen (1801); Cabo Trafalgar (1805).
| 1798: The Battle of the Nile took place, when Nelson beat the French fleet at Aboukir Bay.
'Simpler jewels incorporated into the piece 'were given as votives by the people of Naples, so this also represents a unity between the aristocracy and the ordinary people.' Among the crowned heads who left their mark on the necklace were Charles II of Bourbon; Maria Amalia of Saxony; and Marie Antoinette's sister Maria Carolina of Austria, Queen of Naples in 1798 when Horatio Nelson, fresh from conquering the French fleet in Aboukir Bay, stopped by to conquer her friend Emma Hamilton, wife of the British ambassador.
The trainer bids to improve those figures with Peut Etre Sivola (1.50) and Aboukir Bay (2.50) 67% The impressive strike-rate of Paddy Brennan and Nigel Twiston-Davies at Warwick this season (2-3, pounds 7 profit to a pounds 1 level stake).
Of interest to geologists as well as archaeologists, the five chapters of this volume describe exploration and analysis of the region now known as Aboukir Bay in Egypt.
What is the popular name of the naval battle between Britain and France which took place in Aboukir Bay in 1798?
But it is Egypt that is the focal point, with Napoleon's campaign there and the British victory at Aboukir Bay. For Nelson, the devastation of the French fleet on the evening of August 1st, 1798, enhanced his heroic status and confirmed his personification as the main agent of British resistance against Napoleon.
Charles Grant's chapter on Bonaparte's campaign in Egypt, for example, has the British locating the badly positioned French fleet in Aboukir Bay. Although the British completely destroyed the French fleet in the actual battle, Grant has the British encounter much "friction" in their attempt to concentrate their fleet against the vulnerable French ships and miss a golden opportunity.