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a bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt

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What was the name given to the naval battle between Britain and France which took place at Aboukir Bay, Egypt, in 1798?
1798: The Battle of the Nile, when Nelson inflicted a crushing defeat on the French fleet at Aboukir Bay.
Soon after, Nelson lost his right arm in battle and then, in 1798, he led a daring attack on the French fleet in Aboukir Bay and gained a famous victory.
Among the topics are a geophysical survey in the submerged Canopic region, new findings in sediment cores from the eastern harbor about human activity in Alexandria before 332 BC, possible destructive earthquakes in Alexandria and Aboukir Bay, occupation and trade at Heracleion-Thonis as indicated by evidence from the pottery, new finds from Hercleion-Thonis on living with metals in Hellenistic Egypt, and landscapes of cameo glass.
Which naval battle took place between the British and French in Aboukir Bay, Egypt, in 1798?
Although suffering the impact of a severed sea-line of communication, a fact brought about by Admiral Horatio Nelson's brilliant victory at Aboukir Bay, Napoleon nonetheless was able to place military pressure on the Ottoman and coalition forces arrayed against him, winning several critical victories.
The L'Orient went down quickly, taking an estimated $20 million in gold and silver to the bottom of Aboukir Bay, Egypt.
But, finding the French fleet in Aboukir Bay on the Nile, Nelson fulfilled his mission.