Abu Sayyaf

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a small gang of terrorist thugs claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines

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Bien que n'ayant pas encore ete revendiquee, cette attaque terroriste ne pourrait provenir que du groupe Abou Sayyaf bien implantee dans la region.
Warns of conspiracy against Sunnis NNA - MP Mohammad Kabbara said on Sunday that the fabricated farce of Abou Sayyaf Al Ansari and his allegiance to ISIL has the fingerprints of Assad's regime and Iranian Revolutionary Guard all over it, in a bid to sabotage the image and stability of the northern city of Tripoli, calling on Tripolites and Sunnis at large to halt conspirators.
They claim that this unknown Abou Sayyaf Al Ansari has pledged loyalty from Tripoli to another anonymous person called Abou Baker Al Baghdadi...an unknown pledging allegiance to another unknown.