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advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)


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Abortion rights supporters: Would you give up your right to abortion if it meant private gun ownership was abolished and the Second Amendment was repealed?
He said most abortion rights cases before then had been argued by men.
According to the Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll, seven in 10 Americans said that the Supreme Court should not overturn its landmark decision establishing abortion rights.
But even as Americans have shunned the pro-choice label, it seems to say little about their actual support for legal abortion rights.
Louis archdiocese until he was appointed prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in 2008, is known as a forceful critic of public figures who support abortion rights and gay marriage.
Representatives from the Voice for Choice consortium of 13 organisations, including MSI, BPAS, Abortion Rights, Brook and the fpa, outlined its key campaigning objectives.
A poll commissioned by campaigning group Abortion Rights found 52 per cent supported a change in the law to allow either for the permission of one doctor or no doctors before under going a termination.
President-elect Daniel Ortega, who once supported abortion rights, changed his stance during the recent elections to court voter support from the heavily Catholic constituents.
Abortion rights advocates contend that although they present themselves as neutral clinical facilities, they are driven by a conservative agenda and aim to confuse and frighten vulnerable women.
While Americans seem sharply divided on abortion, with most studies showing roughly half favoring abortion rights and half opposing abortion, it all depends how you ask the question.
Twenty years ago, Kate Michelman came to Washington to take the helm of the National Abortion Rights Action League.
Officials with Planned Parenthood, which has been campaigning against the measure - along with several other groups that favor abortion rights - said the agency is concerned that the proposition would result in more harm than benefit.
Abortion rights are a growing political and health issue in Latin America, a region with some of the most restrictive laws and high incidences of illegal abortions.
Wade's establishment of abortion rights should apply equally to his work on Romer: "He says his work on behalf of a client should in no way be instructive of his views on an issue.
Back in December, American Prospect Deputy Editor Sarah Blustain wrote a column that could have been a blueprint for Democrats as they rethink their position on abortion rights.