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Synonyms for abortifacient

a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortion

causing abortion

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NRL News Today has written many stories about boyfriends who have slipped chemical abortifacients into their girlfriend's drink, causing her to lose her baby.
Apart from the harsh living conditions, the frequent use of herbal abortifacients was the reason for the reduced fertility of female slaves, which created the need for the continuing import of new workforce from West Africa (Schiebinger 2004, Bush 1990).
The question, then, under the "least restrictive means" test is whether imposing the HHS mandate on an employer who has religious objections to providing insurance coverage for contraceptives and/or abortifacients furthers the governmental interest in increasing access to contraceptives via the means that is least restrictive of the religious liberty of the objecting employer.
8),(10) Lower recommendation of Cytotec dosages may be related to a fear of the legal consequences of recommending abortifacients in a country in which abortion is legally restricted outside the capital.
We have learned that the free provision of this abortifacient was made by the Health Minister Edwina Hart.
Serologic, bacteriologic, and histopathologic examination of fetal tissues identified no other infectious abortifacient agents in the Chlamydiales-positive samples.
Experts in the fields of pharmacy, biology, gynecology, and obstetrics have come to the conclusion that today's hormonal contraceptives not only possess their contraceptive properties but have potential abortifacient mechanisms that can kick in when the contraceptive mechanism fails.
The reason some people object to dispensing these pills is that they consider them abortifacients.
Pro-life groups object, saying that some contraceptives are actually abortifacients.
the company that distributes Preven, said that the pills are not abortifacients.
The volume not only contains a wealth of information about nineteenth' century reproduction products--condoms, douches, vaginal pessaries and sponges, spermicidal preparations, abortifacients, and early varieties of the diaphragm--and marketing networks, it also examines the cultural backlash that arose in response to the commercialization of reproductive technology.
The sexual implications that Jenkins has suggested gain support from the fact that several of Ophelia's key flowers were also well known to the Elizabethans as contraceptives, abortifacients, and emmenagogues (i.
Circuit Court of Appeals to reject a request from Planned Parenthood that would prevent implementation of the state's law which requires abortion clinics providing chemical abortifacients to have a contract with another physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital who agrees to handle any complications.
Moreover, the justices directed the FDA to make an assessment within 60 days on whether the implants were abortifacients.
Under the federal Affordable Care Act, most employers are required to cover employees' artificial birth control, including ones some consider to be abortifacients, even if employers are morally opposed to such coverage.