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The second panel shows a lynched black man with the caption "Racial Choice," and the third shows an aborted fetus with the caption "Reproductive Choice.
Derived from the brain tissue of an aborted fetus, these stem cells have been kept alive and healthy in the laboratory for more than 2 years.
do research on embryos over 14 days old (this leads us to question whether the aborted fetus is an embryo over 14 days old.
Vertical transmission was declared if the amniotic fluid contained CMV virus or DNA, if pathologic features of CMV disease existed in the aborted fetus, or if neonatal IgM or urine cultures were positive for CMV.
A few hours later, I saw the aborted fetus moving its legs and gasping in a bedpan, which was then covered with a drape.
During a subsequent pregnancy in 1997, Sheikhan learned that the pathology report on the aborted fetus had indeed noted a healthy male.