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Synonyms for Aboriginal

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Synonyms for Aboriginal

existing, born, or produced in a land or region

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Synonyms for Aboriginal

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning


having existed from the beginning

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The stakes are enormous, because the future development of Canada's resources, the improvement of its infrastructure and the expansion of its major metropolitan areas inevitably involve the use of land, almost all of which might be claimed by some group of Aboriginals, supported by their army of lawyers and consultants, as part of their domain.
If you live in Canada and have not recently returned from a long sabbatical on another planet, you have probably heard the phrase missing Aboriginal women more often than you wished to hear it.
To contextualize, the Crown committed cultural genocide through its assimilation processes stripping Aboriginals of their cultures and, more importantly, their language, which is at the crux of Aboriginal culture.
The result of this historical relationship between Aboriginals and the Crown--that involved the dispossession of land, removal of Aboriginal rights and culture, and the destruction of their economies--has been that Aboriginals suffer higher levels of poverty, chronic illnesses and unemployment (to name a few), compared to that of the general Canadian population (Brady, 364).
"The highest needs of the urban Aboriginal population are housing and employment and how to register their children for school.
Bent Arrow is working in partnership with Boyle Street Community Services and Boyle Street Aboriginal Services to help fill those gaps.
Aboriginal women went from being central forces in their communities to having little value.
Statistics Canada recently released a report citing two-thirds, or 67 per cent, of Aboriginal women in a study group were considered overweight compared to 55 per cent of non-Aboriginal women.
Sapers says that it is well documented that Aboriginal people are over represented in Canada's prisons but the "disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal offenders are not as well known and should be addressed on an urgent basis." The higher rate of recidivism for Aboriginal offenders is in part due to the Correctional Service's failure to manage Aboriginal inmates in a culturally responsive and non-discriminatory manner, he added.
Professor John Richards, an economist who teaches in the new public policy program at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, thinks federal government transfers to bands should be reduced in favour of treaty benefits paid to individual Aboriginals, regardless of where they live.
One of Canada's most renowned negotiators for Aboriginal affairs is in Northern Ontario identifying long-term job opportunities for First Nations people.
As a Visiting Scholar at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, the author was able to devote time to interviewing teachers, administrators, and university faculty, reading the available research literature and visiting predominantly Aboriginal schools.
The purpose of this exploratory study was to select four examples, referred to as Aboriginal Relations/Advisory Committees (ARACs): Urban Aboriginal Peoples Advisory Committee in Vancouver; Aboriginal Relations Office in Edmonton; Aboriginal Relations Division in Winnipeg; and Aboriginal Affairs Community Advisory Committee in Toronto.
According to Turner, to be a peace pipe a proposal must accommodate Aboriginal peoples' own understandings of their rights (hereafter, 'indigenous rights').