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the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines

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Chenhall, Richard 2007 Benelong's Haven: Recovery from alcohol and drug use within an Aboriginal Australian residential treatment centre, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Vic.
Abbott's comments came Tuesday as he voiced support for a plan to shut down over 100 Aboriginal communities and relocate some 1,000 Aboriginal Australians closer to more populated areas with more accessible public services.
The rise of a commercial market for works of art made by Aboriginal Australians has increasingly been recognised in recent years.
Contemporary Aboriginal Australian painters began painting in the early 1970s in the Central and Western Desert regions.
It is in response to this context and these stereotypes that many Aboriginal Australian texts have emerged; evidenced in the works of Jack Davis, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Lionel Fogarty, Mudrooroo, Archie Roach, Ruby Langford-Ginibi, Sally Morgan, Tara June Winch, Kim Scott, and Alexis Wright, to name but a few.
MOTHER TONGUE tells the story of four very different linguists--a pretentious American professor who works with a new language every year; an Aboriginal Australian who is one of the few remaining speakers of her heritage language; a Celtic professor who has been unable to pass her heritage language on to her own children; and a young, gay Polynesian language activist--competing for a $1.
1968- Lionel Rose becomes the first Aboriginal Australian of the Year.
A white Australian, Trish McDonald-Harrison, spoke alongside an Aboriginal Australian.
Also, a boomerang is an Aboriginal Australian artefact, and like the North American Indians, the Aboriginal people in Australia have become very sensitive about the use of their artefacts as icons without the appropriate consultation.
This path encompasses the nature religions of primary peoples everywhere and the revival of various forms of earth goddess worship -- thus the attraction of Native American and Aboriginal Australian rites of passage and views of the sacred.
the natives at a corrobory [an Aboriginal Australian dance], under the wild woods of the country--to give an idea of the manner they enjoyed themselves before being disturbed by the white people .
From Moroccan and Aboriginal Australian to African, Americana and Native American, these suits are full of fun and cultural pride.
Australian tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley, 50: Born into the only Aboriginal family in the small township of Ballena, New South Wales, Evonne became one of the great tennis players of the modern era and the first female Aboriginal Australian to achieve major sporting success.
Her name is Cathy Freeman, athlete and Aboriginal Australian.
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