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the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines

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Contemporary Aboriginal Australian painters began painting in the early 1970s in the Central and Western Desert regions.
By sequencing the genome, the researchers demonstrated that Aboriginal Australians descended directly from an early human expansion into Asia that took place some 70,000 years ago, at least 24,000 years before the population movements that gave rise to present-day Europeans and Asians.
Firstly to deal with the conditions of our existence as Aboriginal Australians within the Australian Society, and secondly in order for us to survive as Aboriginal peoples in keeping with our own laws and customs within our own traditions and values.
Abstract: Aboriginal Australians face a range of health challenges, which can be linked to dietary-related factors.
The representation of Aboriginal Australians in the peritextual material (i.e.
Chenhall, Richard 2007 Benelong's Haven: Recovery from alcohol and drug use within an Aboriginal Australian residential treatment centre, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Vic.
Benelong's Haven: Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse within an Aboriginal Australian residential treatment centre
The 23-year-old became hooked on art after an Aboriginal Australian woman told him to discover his passion for it.
Both of his parents came from different indigenous Australian backgrounds - his father a Torres Strait Islander and his mother an Aboriginal Australian. 
Anne Hoffman shares her love for Aboriginal Australian art with her upper-elementary students in her "Integrating the Curriculum: Dreamtime Storytelling" (page 12), and the children's book, "Nadia's Hands," inspired Rachel Motta's lesson, "Mehndi Hands," found on page 14.
This linguistics study of the Aboriginal Australian language Mawng draws on materials and recordings produced through the Warruwi School bilingual Mawng-English program (1973-1996).
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