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the Austronesian languages spoken by Australian aborigines

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But a great number of people did, to the extent that Namatjira became the first Aboriginal Australian celebrity; the first Australian citizen of Aboriginal descent; a recipient of the Queen's Coronation Medal; the first Aboriginal Australian to meet the Queen, at Her Majesty's request; and, with all this, the first Aboriginal Australian to significantly reflect this nation's injustices back onto the popular consciousness.
Abbott's comments came Tuesday as he voiced support for a plan to shut down over 100 Aboriginal communities and relocate some 1,000 Aboriginal Australians closer to more populated areas with more accessible public services.
The rise of a commercial market for works of art made by Aboriginal Australians has increasingly been recognised in recent years.
But in the broader context, the denial of genocide achieved using this strategy absolves the nation as such; and, at the least, it is one factor in allowing present day Australians to remain (as former Prime Minister John Howard put it) 'relaxed and comfortable' about the treatment of Aboriginal Australians since colonisation ('An Average Australian Bloke', 1996).
Kylie is an aboriginal Australian name, and means 'Boomerang'.
The author argues for the complementarity between the environmental humanities and ecopedagogy through the following themes found in the unit: (1) nature as a contested political construction; (2) bioregional and place-based awareness; and (3) equity focus, particularly through aboriginal Australian perspectives on the environment.
That mood and behavior began to change with the action of a star Aboriginal Australian Rules footballer, Nicky Winmar, one of the very few then playing in the top professional league.
A romance, a musical and a comedy released within weeks of each other is a significant feat given only four other feature-length films by aboriginal Australian directors have ever been released.
Other items included transportation broadsides from 1829, a German language broadside announcing an Aboriginal Australian on exhibition in Berlin (1831-1834), dance cards from 1891, a poster of Opperman's Malvern Star bicycle (Sydney 1934), wine labels from the Sydney Olympics sponsors, a needle book from the Sydney Harbour Bridge opening (1932), 1916/1917 conscription referendum flyers, a 1916 ANZAC Day Commemoration program, and an 1880 design catalogue of furniture, bedsteads and pianos (Melbourne).
He continued the nineteenth-century characterisation of the Aboriginal Australian as 'the lowest of the low'.
MOTHER TONGUE tells the story of four very different linguists--a pretentious American professor who works with a new language every year; an Aboriginal Australian who is one of the few remaining speakers of her heritage language; a Celtic professor who has been unable to pass her heritage language on to her own children; and a young, gay Polynesian language activist--competing for a $1.
1968- Lionel Rose becomes the first Aboriginal Australian of the Year.
A white Australian, Trish McDonald-Harrison, spoke alongside an Aboriginal Australian.
For any reader well versed in the problems facing Aboriginal communities in Australia this book is well worth reading for this chapter alone, as Tatz provides some unique and imaginative alternatives to current policy and practice that are (mostly) firmly grounded in realistic commitment to the empowerment of Aboriginal Australian people.
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