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Synonyms for Aboriginal

Synonyms for Aboriginal

existing, born, or produced in a land or region

Synonyms for Aboriginal

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning


having existed from the beginning

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The accepted social or relational Aboriginal sense of self is usually contrasted with the individuated, self-contained 'self' which is common to the West.
The group meets with Timmons once a month to provide advice, support and guide the university in creating a comfortable learning environment for Aboriginal students.
The result is the well-known over-representation of Aboriginal offenders in Canadian prisons and penitentiaries.
The initiative is part of a campaign to close the gap between the hospital and the Aboriginal communities.
The identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients is a major limitation of hospital data collections and has only recently been considered to reach an acceptable standard in Victoria (AIHW 2008a).
In particular, it is intended to improve Aboriginal women's health and well-being.
Liberal theory requires Aboriginal participation in Canadian society.
The Report found that the CSC initially classifies Aboriginal offenders at higher security levels than other inmates, identifies them as having lower reintegration potential and places them in minimum-security institutions at less than half the rate of non-Aboriginal offenders.
In response to statistics that show that more women are being infected with HIV (in Canada, nearly 50 per cent of aboriginal persons infected are women), the conference hosted a panel discussion that included aboriginal women living with AIDS who talked about their own experiences; they pushed for giving women "a seat at the table" when discussing HIV/AIDS strategies.
Although, from an aboriginal perspective, the gains were modest, they were still enough by the mid 1990s to generate a strong backlash in non-aboriginal society.
There was a cry from the community for something to be done,' says Penrith, who also works with the Aboriginal Legal Service.
The statistics show that, in 56 per cent of the cases where Aboriginal people have been victims of violence, the violent act was committed by someone known to the victim--a relative, friend or acquaintance.
Aboriginal Affairs Minister Peter Collier said Mr Trust would play a valuable role in the peak statutory body that provides expert advice to the WA Government on Aboriginal issues.
The 821 sq-ft space is designed to enhance support services for JIBC's Aboriginal students and also serve as a venue where non-Aboriginal students, staff and faculty can deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture.
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